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There was a dog and two cats in the house
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Kannapolis, NCI did a whole bedroom and just added the ingredients to my carpet shampooer. It worked! I have tried everything. I thought I was going to have to pull up the carpet. Thank you!!!DebbieAmazing! I drug home a castoff area rug. Looked decent for garage work area.. Unrolled the thing to find disgusting stains and overpowering dog urine stench! Ugh, what was I thinking? Nothing to lose, right? I Hosed it down backside up and poured citrus dish soap/bleach mixture (a big squirt and 1/3 c bleach in 2 gallons of water) and stomped & hosed til nasty amber water ran mostly clear. Turned carpet and used carpet cleaner to pull out moisture. Draped over ladders to dry. Almost.. Then 2/1 water/white vinegar with a splash of citrus all purpose liquid cleaner using 2 gallon sprinkling can to moisten til it began to run off. Closer.. Again with water and vinegar 4/1 adding 1/3 c baking soda (it will froth) and with sprinkling can lightly wetting carpet focusing on areas with remaining odor. Holy Cow! I can put my nose right on the rug.. Smells fresh! May use it in sunroom rather than garage! This took several days to allow for drying.. But 10 bucks later I have a decent 10x12 bound short shag-ish rug! I may go at it again with traditional carpet cleaner for good measure to ensure it will pass my critters' inspection.. But the darned thing looks and smells OK. No more odor! No more stains! Emily from IndianaThank you so very much. This is such a blessing. I have a 2year old rescue that has some brain damage. She was very sick when she was young and this has caused her to not “get it”. I have hardwood through my whole house but I have area rugs in every room. At Christmas I discovered that she had been using the dining and living room carpets as potty pads. I sent the rugs out with a professional carpet cleaner. They came back smelling awful. He apologized, took my money and left. I threw both rugs out. I purchased new rugs and my little peanut has been using them again. I cannot tell you how upset this made me, these rugs are expensive. I tried cleaning them with some store bought solutions…nothing. I knew sending them out was not an option. I googled, found you and my problem is solved! This is life changing. My sweet baby will probably never “get it” but I have a solution to ensure clean rugs. Thank you.
Is there a good way to remove the pet odor or will it eventually go away
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Now that you know how to eliminate pet odors from your home, it’s also good to be prepared for how to remove accidental stains left by your pet. How to Get Rid of Dog Smell Without Removing the Dog | petMD
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– It is sometimes surprising just how many places odors can accumulate. When you really want to clear out the smell it is worthwhile to wash everything that is washable. This means sheets, blankets, pet bedding and even the draperies. If it is washable you might as well wash it. You will be surprised at just how much odor this can remove from your home. Of course, follow the fabric care directions on all your items. Some may need to be laundered or steam cleaned to avoid damaging the material. Pets — we love them like family, but let's face it: we could do without all of the smells that come along with them. From litter boxes to bad breath to just general pet odor, these animal funks can unfortunately become the one thing guests remember most about your home, no matter how well decorated it may be. Here are a few of my favorite tips, from the simple to the extreme, to minimize household pet odors. – How you do this is up to you, but it is worth noting that if you have odor problems it may be best to bring in a professional. Find a carpet cleaning service that will work hard to remove all offensive odors from your carpet and that will tell you honestly if what you want is possible. There may be some areas that are too far gone to be effectively cleaned with a carpet cleaning machine. Have the carpets cleaned and once they are dry, have another person test out the smells and see if they are gone. The Humane Society also has some really good advice on in a home. Make sure you take a look at this terrific reference.Confine the problem – If possible, the best-case scenario would be to have pets stay with a friend or family member during the odor removal process and during showings to prevent the problem from persisting. That is not always possible, however. If your animals must stay with you, try your best to control the root of the odor problem. If they soil the carpet frequently, confine them to an area where there is no carpet. If the litter box is the problem, try keeping it in a basement or other location where guests won’t frequent. Getting to the root of the strongest odors and controlling the cause can reduce the number of offensive pet odors in your home.
Wash all fabrics – With the exception of clothes or fabrics that require special cleaning care, wash the fabrics in your home. Pet hair and odors can build up on these items—if you have dogs or cats and have been to a friend’s house where they also have a pet, you probably have noticed that their pet could detect your pet on your clothes. Wash bedding, clothing, mats, etc. that your pet has come into contact with. Check out our OdorKlenz laundry additive for use on the toughest odors.
Clean Hard Surfaces – Surfaces like hardwood floor, tile, or laminate floors should be cleaned in order to further ensure odors are eliminated. You may use bleach if you think necessary. Otherwise, natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar and baking soda do a will help reduce the odors slightly but for removing pet odors from surfaces and upholstery we recommend you take a look at the Treatment .