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Installing The Ruff Weather Pet Door By Ideal Pet Products
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Our selection of extreme hot and cold climate pet doors includes dual flap Ruff Weather doors, made by Ideal Pet Products, double Endura flap pet doors, winner of the Dog Fancy Editor's Choice Award and our totally weatherproof POWER PET, Fully Automatic, Air-Tight pet doors. All choices may be installed in doors, walls or sliding glass patio doors. Dual flap doors work by creating an air lock between the flaps that serves as an excellent insulator against drafts. Additionally, the quality manufacturing of the ideal and especially the Endura flap doors is unsurpassed. For the absolute best insulated door that will save energy and remain air tight even in hurricane force wind, we recommend the Power Pet model because its bulletproof polycarbonate door panel is the only one that is hermetically sealed to achieve zero drafts even in the most severe storms.
Ideal Pet Products 9.75-by-17-Inch Extra-Large Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame Detail & Price..
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Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door is sturdy in design and will withstand all types of weather conditions. The double vinyl flap creates a 3-inch air pocket that provides heavy duty insulation and keeps out drafts to maximize energy efficiency in your home. The cream colored plastic frame can withstand the toughest daily use. Plus, it only requires a simple snap together assembly and comes with an easy to read instruction manual to walk you through the set up. Installation of the Ideal Pet Products Ruff Weather Pet Door - Super Large.
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Photo provided by FlickrReplacement Flap for the Ideal Pet Products Super Large Ruff Weather Dog Door.
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