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Blue LED Light Up Dog Pet Collar
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Transparent LED Pet Collar Night Safety Dog Flashing Collar
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Recently San Francisco designer Vincent Pilot Ng created the new bright pet collar. This LED pet collar named Halo Mini. It runs on Kickstarter that looks like something you'd expect to see on a digital pooch roaming the alleys in "Tron: Legacy." 1 x Pink LED Pet Collar Night Safety Dog Flashing Collar
Photo provided by FlickrLED Pet Dog Collar Night Safety Dog Flashing Collar
Photo provided by FlickrHow To Change Batteries in the Duvea LED light up pet collar/leash products.
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As with previous HALO projects, the Mini pet collar seeks . Those wishing to deck out their four-legged better halves in better nighttime visibility and eye-catching hues can make a pledge through July 26, 2013. Collars come in sizes small and large.What is HALO MINI? HALO MINI is an ULTRA HIGH QUALITY illuminated pet collar. LED pet collars have been on the market for years, however, most of them are made using cheap nylon materials with LEDs that are just as bad. We have re-designed and created an ultra high quality illuminating collar using our custom patented illumination system. Just like our HALO BELT, each HALO MINI is designed to illuminate in bright neon colors. The purpose of the HALO MINI is to keep our loved ones safe when outside at night... looking awesome is a bonus!With plenty of reflective and light-up pet collars for sale, we know you'll find something that suits your taste as well as your dog's. Choose the color and style you like, and outfit your dog affordably and with peace of mind. All LED collars are rechargeable via USB. All safety collars undergo three levels of quality control testing for your guaranteed satisfaction.Dog Collar with LED Light Up............During Super Storm Sandy we had no power for 3 weeks. Night time you couldn't see your hands in front of your face. These collars came in handy with my 3 dogs. The glow of their collars gave me a sense of security knowing they were close to me. These Collars are made of Sturdy Nylon and plastic... (Collars should be removed when bathing)....

These Collars are excellent for the safety of your pets especially in the night time. Knowing your pet is near by offers comfort,and also make them visible to oncoming drivers or traffic.

push a tiny button once for slow blink, twice for quick blink or three times or solid light....has heavy duty link for id tag

Collars can be adjusted within the dog size

S 13 inches

M 15 inches

L 17 inches XL 19 inches...

Example:My 75lb Boxer Mix, 65lb Lab mix wear a Large and my 25lb hairy mutt wears a small snuggly or a med loose

Comes with (2) 2032 batteries installed...

You will love this item .........
12-year old Blythe Serrano made a 3D Printed Light Up at Night Pet Collar. It has nine led lights, a battery, and a light sensor. When it's dark, the lights illuminate so that you can see your pet easily. She used Sketchup to design the collar and inserted the LEDs inside.Over the last few years, a pack of LED collars have come out and given pet owners some peace of mind in the dark. Speaking as one who has a dog, however, I can safely say these accessories often fall short in the aesthetic and build-quality departments.