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Traditionally, pets were not often considered to be members of the family. Although there are some examples of pets being memorialized and given posthumous names during the mid-nineteenth century, there are few records of such efforts and those that exist have been attributed to the elite class. During this time, most dogs and cats were considered community residents and did not inhabit any one individual home. Upon a community animal’s death, folk tradition required that special care be taken of the deceased animal’s remains, in order to protect the entire village from . The concept of vengeful spirits comes from the belief that “small animals such as cats and dogs were believed to be able to travel freely between the here-and-now and the afterworld, and to possess the power to wreak spiritual vengeance () on people”. In order to ensure that the living would not be harmed, and in some instances to enlist good luck or protection from the animal spirit, special procedures were required, such as burial in a specific location of significance or inclusion of certain items within the animal’s grave. If the correct process was followed, the village could rest assured that they would not be troubled by the deceased spirit.
Jul 2, 2017 - Are you looking for some cool pets that can be best exotic pets for the common household? You're at the right spot to read our list as of today.
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Figo’s website features easy-to-read coverage checklists, sample policies for both dogs and cats, and a responsive live chat. It’s also the only company we reviewed that offers cloud-based storage for all your pet’s medical and insurance records, which helps keep everyone on the same page during the claims process. The fact that you can access records from the company’s mobile app also has the potential to make a real difference in an emergency. Sorry, bird and fish lovers-there are too many species to include each separately
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Photo provided by FlickrThis is a list of the 10 most popular pets in America.
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Don't listen to the other comments please. I have owned arctic foxes and they are quite the best thing ever! They are domesticated and I of course own many acres of land on my farm and my arctic fox is very nice and you just need to train them well and be experienced. I use mine for breeding and educational animal, but they can be good pets if you care for them properly.I was expecting things like periodontal disease and gingivitis to be on this list, but I didn’t expect to see broken teeth as well. I had no idea that something like that would be a very common dental problem for pets. What can typically be done for a pet after they’ve broken one of their teeth? Would it be possible to fix the broken tooth, or does it usually need to be pulled at that point?Buddhist practices, specifically ancestral memorialization, have directly influenced the death rites and rituals performed for pets in Japan. However, “there are no scriptures specifically for animals, let alone pets” in Buddhist doctrine. Thus, memorialization of pets is left open to diverse interpretation. One central disagreement among spiritualists revolves around the . Some individuals claim that it is indeed possible, through proper care during life and correct memorialization after death, for a beloved pet to eventually be reborn as a fellow human, thus making enlightenment achievable. Others feel that pets are only capable of being reborn as pets. Often, Buddhist tend to allow families to decide for themselves what process they would like to follow. As different temples interpret the rites in different ways, they often combine various elements or omit some entirely.Bunnies are extremely popular in Japan, due in large part to their vegetarian diet. The traditional Japanese diet emphasizes vegetables over meat, and pet owners in Japan tend to shy away from domesticated carnivores such as dogs and cats. Also popular in the United States and Europe for their clean and quiet habits, bunnies are extremely social and gentle animals ideal for pet owners in smaller homes. Bunnies shed more than most other pets, so be prepared. Regular use of a pet-hair removal product such as can quickly remedy the issue.

In China, the easy-to-keep goldfish is king. The selective breeding of goldfish began in this Eastern nation about 1,000 years ago, resulting in the creation of more than 50 different breeds. (With long, flowing fins; short bodies; and protruding eyes, some of these new breeds may appear quite odd-looking to other cultures.) These distinctive fish are also thought to bring good luck because of their gold color, a symbol of wealth.

Tortoises are simple to care for and take up very little space, which makes them highly prized in Taiwan, a country where living space and extra time is tight. Tortoises are also valued for more mythical reasons: Ancient writing has been found on the backs of tortoise shells, and keeping a tortoise is thought to bring long life to the owners.

Versatile birds that can be bred to almost any shape or color, pigeons have risen in popularity in the Middle East, since keeping large animals has become unrealistic in modern cities such as Dubai or Kuwait. In earlier times, Middle Eastern pet owners kept animals for competitions, such as horse or camel racing. Now, Middle Eastern breeders keep birds inside their homes. These breeders often show off their birds to one another, judging them based on certain standards mutually agreed upon by fanciers of similar tastes, in comfortable, air-conditioned halls or restaurants.

Songbirds are a favorite pet for the hard-working people of the Mediterranean region, who build beautiful cages to keep these birds happily living indoors. As a result, these small birds sing cheerfully indoors and out, and the Mediterranean people have selectively bred other finches (such as the canary) into many shapes and colors.