Extra Long 8 Ft Aluminum Dog Ramp - Pet Classics™

Spread glue onto the bottom of the carpet pieces and place them along the top of the ramp.
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Several readers have written me inquiring about dog ramps. Boat owners love their pets as much as anyone and want to be able to take them along on their boat. That can be a hardship for the dog, depending on the design and layout of the boat. High freeboard, as well as narrow and steep boarding ladders, makes it difficult or impossible for larger dogs to safely board a boat.
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The extra wide Solvit Deluxe XL Dog Ramp is 20 inches wide and easily adjusts from 47 inches to 87 inches long. The Deluxe XL telescoping dog ramp can be used for surfaces up to 39” high for younger, healthy dogs and up to 28” high for elderly, disabled or arthritic dogs. The integrated aluminum and plastic design makes the Deluxe XL pet ramp a super strong, lightweight (18 lbs!) dog ramp. The high traction surface ensures solid footing for your pup when ascending or descending, and the four rubber feet will keep your dog ramp steady and stable during use. Make sure your elderly pet can still enjoy going on car rides with the Extra Long Folding Pet Ramp
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I received my dogramp, and felt compelled to write you with my results. My large old dog easily followed me up the ramp to our bed. It holds a lot of weight easily. The raised sides and wide ramp with no slide carpet made it very user friendly. I didn't need to buy a long and a short ramp, as this one is so easily adjustable and light weight. And last, the handle makes it easy to move from the house to the car. In short, I think this is the best ramp on the market for large dogs and their owners.

Sincerely,Pet Loader Dog Ramp - two of our three senior dogs were having trouble jumping into - and even more trouble jumping down from - our Jeep Grand Cherokee. This product has been fantastic! Two of our dogs learned it almost immediately, our oldest, who suffers from vertigo and depth perception problems, took a little longer but even she only required a couple of 10-minute sessions to master it. Now we can all enjoy road trips again! Preventative maintenance is key to helping your furry friend live a long and healthy life!! Do not wait till your pet is injured before purchasing one of our quality pet ramps or stairs.

Approx dimensions. 18" H x 14" W x 46" L

Custom cubby is approx 10" H x 10" W x 10" D and is carpeted on the inside as well.

Top platform is approx 10" L x 14" W

All wood and screw construction. Easily capable of holding 200 pounds and more.

Because of the size of this unit it will suit pets 2 to 40 pounds best.

This ramp is very light weight at approx 30 pounds

Do you have an older or aging pet? Is your pet small or vertically challenged? Does your dog or cat have an injury or has he or she been injured and could use a boost up to their favorite resting spot?

If you answered yes to any of these questions. Do not weight further before getting a quality ramp or steps for your furry friend.

Awkward landings from high beds and couches can cause a host of injuries for your best friend. These bone jarring landings can include early arthritis, dysplasia, broken bones, dislocations, torn ligaments, muscle strains in the neck and back, bone spurs and much more.

Please do not do this to your friends when help is just a click away.

A small investment with Hampton Bay Pet Steps can and will save you thousands of $$$ in vet bills for medicines or surgeries.

Our pet steps and ramps are by far the highest quality and best looking products on the market.

All carpeting is 1st quality cut pile residential plush carpeting with a built in stain beater. This unit comes in Neutral tan carpeting only. No exceptions.

We ship only to the lower 48.

We ship UPS standard ground only.

Sorry we can not ship to a P.O box

Please expect 3 to 4 weeks before en route shipping

Thank you,
Hampton Bay Pet Steps
1-855-DOG-RAMP Pet ramps are handy when your pooch has trouble climbing the stairs to your front door because of size -- for tiny doggies -- injury or arthritis, or if she can't jump high enough to get in your vehicle. They can also help your dog if she has trouble jumping down from your car. They work well for low heights, such as 2 feet. If you have a long staircase to your front door, a ramp is not likely to be an option -- it would need to be so long to keep the angle shallow that your yard may not have room.