32 Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own

Speaker 1: Here we are. Rabbits are low maintenance pets. People ask me that all the time.
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Not everybody was destined for pet-parenthood. Some people are far more invested in their social lives, while others may rarely be at home. Many people juggle demanding personal hobbies, or 60-hour work weeks that consume all their time, or maybe just wouldn’t consider themselves a or a but still want a pet of some kind. Whatever the case may be, if a puppy or kitty doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, here are a few alternative low-maintenance pets that require minimal time and effort to care for!
Here is the List of 32 Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own.
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Rats have been called "low maintenance dogs" because of their appealing blend of intelligence and loyalty. While no pet can really be considered "low maintenance," rats are certainly much easier to care for. A well-socialized, happy rat makes for a friendly, sweet, inquisitive, intelligent, and interactive pet. These entertaining creatures make great pets, but if you are considering getting a pet rat, do your homework first. Caring correctly for any pet, no matter its size, is important. Do you have any low maintenance pets? Share with us in the comments!
Photo provided by FlickrHamsters make for low-cost and low-maintenance pets, but their short life span is a drawback.
Photo provided by FlickrParakeets are low-maintenance pets.
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The cheapest pets to own are usually the smallest, so they don’t take up much room in your home, either. Pets with a low cost of ownership are also relatively low maintenance, so they’re ideal for little kids.Somewhere between a puppy and a pet rock lies (or swims) the best low-maintenance pet for you. Real Simple polled vets and pet-store owners to discover the least demanding species across four creature categories. (Note: Ponies need not apply.)Some pets are way easier to take care of than others. Even with all of the benefits to having pets in your home, you may not want a very demanding or exhausting pet, especially if your child has a special need. Anecdotally, my son with ADHD became a different person after we got a dog. They are seriously best friends and it’s really sweet to see. Listen to the podcast to find out what I have found to be the best 5 low maintenance pets for your kids. Seniors love their pets! In fact, studies have shown that seniors that have pets tend to be more active, cope better with stress and have better overall physical and mental health. But for those who suffer from arthritis or other physical limitations, caring for a pet can become difficult. Jim Miller, editor of Savvy Senior, was invited on the “Today” show to discuss low-maintenance pet care helpers that can make taking care of your furry friend a little easier. Best Small Pets for Families: Pets of all shapes and sizes teach children about responsibility. Even the tiniest pet needs food, attention, and proper care. Families who are too busy to care for a cat or a dog might find one of these lower-maintenance pets a great addition to the family.Several types of outdoor pets are considered to be low-maintenance. In the interest of delivering the best information, I believe we need to first define what an "outdoor pet" is. An "outdoor pet is typically an animal that is kept outside as a pet. But outdoors animals that you keep as pets is completely different. For example, a fish is an outdoor animal, but is rarely kept outside. If raised as a pet, it is much more common to find a fish living indoors. On the other hand, a chicken is a pet that is kept outdoors.