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Merry Pet Products Deluxe Dog Crate Cage Wood & Wire Wooden Cover SMALL DOG #MerryPet
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Introducing the most versatile, practical and multi-functional Cat Washroom /Night Stand Pet House that blends seamlessly in any interior settings and style with the classic clean white cabinet design, wainscoting paneling details and stainless steel hardware.

For Sale: Merry Pet Products Cat Washroom And Night Stand White New in Box MPS006
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The washroom/night stand can be used as a piece of that holds your pet's bed or even a few toys inside. It can also be used to provide a private area for your cat's litter box while keeping this fact unknown to house guests. The best part of the Merry Pet Products Cats Washroom/Night Stand is that you get to use it too. It features two-tiered shelving units so you can place books, towels, and more on it to make it further blend in to your surroundings. Most of us who own cats could use some more storage space anyway, so this works out perfectly! This product currently goes for , which isn't bad at all when you think of how much you can get out of it.
Merry Products White Wooden Pet Kennel with Crate Cover (Small - Large)
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Here’s a good looking cat scratcher and lounge from Merry Pet Products. This heavy-duty cardboard scratcher has finished wood sides for a high-end look, plus it’s reversible so kitty can use both sides. With our expertise in wood and our passion for pets, we formed Merry Pet House (TM), an exclusive line of beautiful wooden pet houses and bamboo pet beds. Featuring superior quality, professional craftsmanship, and reasonable prices, our products have gained popularity and wide recognition in North America. We dedicate ourselves to the design, production and marketing of superior quality products that are esthetically pleasing, practical and affordable. Every one of Merry Products (TM) will be a merry addition to your home and garden!

*We drop ship directly to your customers too! Orders under 3 items will have a drop ship fee applied to the total amount Merry Pet Products-Cat Washroom. I normally don't like to put a litter box in a bathroom because of the humidity from the shower, but you could do this in a powder room... hmmm.For dog owners that have pets that are likely to try to break out, the type to consider are heavy duty , coupled with good crate training. Securing Houdini dogs is not what the Merry Products crate is designed for. It's designed for aesthetic appeal. A small number of customers with escape artists dogs unsurprisingly reported their pet did not have much difficulty breaking out.While the overwhelming majority of reviews for the Merry Products end table pet crate with cage cover are positive, not everyone has had a great experience with this Merry dog crate. Among the few dissatisfied customers the most comment complaints were that they didn’t find the cage was strong enough to stop their pet damaging it or escaping. It is usually hard to find unique cat furniture that manages to look good with the rest of your house or apartment, but Merry Pet Products has accomplished just that. The availability of the design in various colors of different finishes also makes it more likely the product won't stick out like a sore thumb against your wallpaper or carpeting.