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On Boxing Day, dozens protested at Pet Habitat at Metrotown to end pet sales. petition:
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I am so very happy about this little guy finding a home. I thought he was at the Coquitlam Pet Habitat and was going to go there today to give the owner a huge piece of my mind!!!!!! I happened to be at Metrotown yesterday!! I seldom go there but had i known that's where he actually was!!!!!!!! i had also been working on my husband to allow me to get another beagle but i hadn't quite convinced him yet. If someone in our meetup group has bought him, please let us know how he's doing. i'm thinking that he will have socialization and potty training issues but i pray i'm wrong. His owners need to be ultra patient with him. He's been thru enough!!!!!!!! I will sleep better tonight knowing he's out of there. i'm also phoning that store and talking with the manager!!!!!! Gloria PS I agree that a mall of any sorts is not conducive to the selling of pets. Good God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We have such large feral and free roaming cat and rabbit populations in BC, it does not make sense to only have a ban on puppies. As we have noticed in Richmond, one of the consequences has been in huge influx in the number of kittens that are being sold in the Richmond stores since the puppy ban.
We chose to focus on Burnaby because Pet Habitat, which is located in Metrotown Mall probably has the largest number of cats and dogs for sale, and the number of puppies that are brought in have significantly increased since the Richmond ban. Pet Habitat located in Metropolis at Metrotown sells puppies and kittens in store
Photo provided by FlickrOn Boxing Day, dozens protested at Pet Habitat at Metrotown to end pet sales
Photo provided by FlickrCheck out our beautiful kittens :) from Pet Habitat Metrotown Visit us to see more of our cute pets
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This is a cause I am very passionate about. "The Pet Habitat Project" is dedicated to banning the sale of puppies and kittens in Pet Habitat, the pet store located in Metrotown Mall, Burnaby BC.
Please go like the facebook page and continue to spread awareness:

Thank you!The show featured an American Eskimo puppy called Hope. She came from a puppy mill in Missouri. I was interviewed several times by the CBC and helped out on the story. The CBC purchased Hope for $2,000 at a pet store called Pet Habitat in the Metrotown mall in Vancouver. There was a male Eskie at the pet store but he didn't make it. We have several members in our organization who have bought their Eskies at that pet store.Variety check. Food court check. Pink berry? Yes. The pet habitat has moved downstairs (since the 90s). Good hideout from the rain. Honourable mention to who(m)ever revamped the Sportscheck entrance and the Banana Republic store here. Sometimes crowded (I have a personal bubble issue) but great place. Also houses a superstore and Movie theatre and .... winners.Comment from Mary S. of Metropolis At Metrotown Business Manager 11/9/2015 Thanks for coming by Erika! We are very proud of our new SportChek flagship store. 4/6/2015