Motorola Scout1 Pet Video Monitor System

Motorola Scout 500-2 Digital Wireless Pet Video Monitor with 2 Cameras
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Like the other pet video monitors from Motorola, the is a digital wireless device that helps you monitor your pets. The Scout 1100 takes the indoor pet monitors one step further so that you can also monitor your pets while they are outdoors.
Motorola Scout1 Pet Monitor System
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Watch your dogs and pets from virtually anywhere with the Motorola SCOUT66! The Motorola SCOUT66 is an entry level camera with access over Wi-Fi to smart phones and tablets, two way communications, motion detection and many more features. Now you can be away from home and still be able to check in on your pets while you are not there in person. Ever wonder what your pets do while you are away? Now you can find out. The Motorola Scout66 will ease your mind that your pets are safe and content. Motorola Scout1 Pet Video Monitor System
Photo provided by FlickrMotorola Scout1 Pet Monitor System
Photo provided by FlickrMonitor you pet remotely with the Motorola Scout1 Pet Monitor System
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Motorola has the solution. They have developed a compact camera for just that purpose. With the Motorola Scout 66 camera you can check in on your pets whenever you like, you can also speak to them through the onboard two way communication speaker.The Motorola Scout 83 Wi-Fi HD camera allows you to monitor your pet from anywhere at any time using the Hubble App on your iOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet. Use the remote Pan, Tilt and Digital Zoom feature to stream a 300-degree HD view of the room and the infrared night vision feature allows you to keep an eye on your pets while you are out.

Receive motion alerts and temperature monitoring alerts directly to your device, capture those unique pictures or videos and use the Two-way communication feature to talk to your pets and be heard, all from the Hubble app.So with all that being said, when we were first offered the chance to check out the Motorola Scout 66 HD Wi-Fi Pet Monitor, it seemed like a natural fit. 24×7 live camera coverage of Wally Bell’s every move? With two-way audio communication to boot?? Seriously, who wouldn’t love that?!! But then again, even a Rock Star needs his privacy, and frankly, most of Wally Bell’s time at home alone is spent either sleeping in odd positions or shedding. Even the most ardent fan can only be entertained by that for so long before the mystique is shattered. With that sorted out, we started thinking of much more practical uses for this little bit of high technology, and who among our canine acquaintances might truly benefit from it.“Overall Thoughts – I would absolutely recommend the Motorola Scout as a first time pet cam. Sure it doesn’t turn or allow volume control with any real effect. But does it allow me to keep an eye on Emma when I’m at work so I feel more comfortable? Absolutely!Get 5% off at - This is the Motorola Scout 1 WiFi Pet Camera. Great for knowing what your dog or cat is doing while they are home alone. The pet monitor is feature rich and can be viewing, moved (pan, tilt, etc) and recorded all remotely from your smart phone or tablet.

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And there you have it! With the help of the Motorola Scout 66 Wi-Fi HD Pet Camera, Drae and Emma are now living crate- and separation anxiety-free. Drae found the both the device and the free Hubble for Motorola Monitors app easy to use, and experienced only minor technical glitches that she felt were far outweighed by the peace of mind she gained.