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I’m , but this may just change my mind. Who wouldn’t want a pet lizard to wave back at them?
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Having trouble trying to think of a name for your new pet lizard? Well with a little help from my wonderful Instagram friends, I've composed a list of 60 possible names for your little guy or girl.

Thank you to everyone who sent their photos in for this video!


was gonna feed this little guy to my lizard but i think i'm going to keep it as a pet instead!
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How many times have you been told that the key to taming a snake or lizard is regular handling? It's a complete and utter myth, and in fact extraordinarily contrary to the truth. You do tremendous (and often irreparable) damage to your relationship with the lizard or snake by force handling it. Whether you want to believe it or not, the reptile is petrified with fear when you do this. This is my pet Dino the lizard he is a monitor lizard from South Africa Get Song: Created using Video Star:
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I don’t love having to expose John like this, but he ate my pet lizard and he will strike again. We don’t even know if he stops at lizards—any number of our small pets could fall prey to his insatiable sexist appetite. Criticism is not the enemy, John. The anti-lizard people are the enemy. Can’t you eat them instead? I purchased a lizard for my son a few weeks ago and everything seemed to be going fine until this morning when I went home and found her dead. On her underbelly was a large greenish area and she smelled like poop. I am thinking maybe it was a bowel obstruction that resulted in a perforated bowel. I would like for you to give me some advice on how to prevent this from happening again if we get another one. My son is heartbroken. We fed her crickets, the smaller ones from the pet store, and I did notice retrospectively that she was not eating as much the last week we had her. Thank you in advance for your help.

Recently I took my daughters out yabbying. We went to get some yabbies for my pet blue tongue lizard, Satan.
Watch the end and check out how much Satan loves his yabbies, and my daughters running commentary. LOL
Satan is such a beautiful blue tongue lizrd, known by many as a blue tongue skink.
Just because his name is Satan, that does not make him evil, not does it mean that I worship the devil.
I love Satan, my blue tongue skink lizard.Hello! I need a urgent help. I've BASICALLY convinced my parent to let me take care of my own anole lizard, but they still have some.. requests. If anyone here knows anything about anole lizards, please answer my question. First, what temperature does the heat lamp have to be on? And next, probably the most important, do the crickets chirp? I mean, the main food source is crickets, but my add can NOT stand the sound of crickets chirping, and he won't allow me have a pet anole if it's food is going to chirp all the time. Thanks for considering my question!Lizards are supposed to be interesting and fun pets, from what I hear! We had pet rats and other interesting creatures when my kids were little, but no lizards. I think they would have loved having one, though.Is there anything I regret about having one of these pets? I just regret not getting a Tegu sooner. I have worked around Tegus since the mid-1970s but always thought there was another type of lizard or snake that would fit my family even better.