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Every year since opening in 1990, Animals Deserving Of Proper Treatment (ADOPT) has placed roughly 1,000 homeless dogs and cats into new homes in the Naperville area. Any dog or cat owner knows caring for a pet can be messy, but take a walk around the shelter and it's clear the commitment the staff and volunteers have to the dogs and cats because the shelter is extremely neat and tidy. Dogs are kept in kennels, but the cats get to roam and lounge freely in special rooms offering couches and cat trees.
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The Naperville Area Humane Society (NAHS) is a non-profit organization providing shelter for homeless and unwanted dogs and cats. The animals are sheltered until a loving permanent home can be found. The shelter services DuPage and surrounding counties. We are funded solely by donations from caring individuals in the community. The staff at NAHS is committed to lessening the pet overpopulation problem through proactive activities in our community. In addition to sheltering animals, NAHS provides community services and programs that foster caring, respect and compassion for all living things. Shelter Pets Archives | Naperville Animal Hospital, Naperville, IL
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Since 1979, the Naperville Area Humane Society has been finding dogs and cats homes. Over the course of its existence, it is estimated that 28,000 animals have been adopted. The nonprofit group has many dogs and cats up for adoption, but aside from adoptions, it offers a variety of programs, including summer camps, humane education programs, a behavior helpline and adult education seminars. The humane society has about 400 registered volunteers but is always looking for more. The shelter accepts donations and regularly lists some of its needs on its outdoor sign. Fundraisers include the Putts for Pets Golf Outing and the Black Cat Ball.