NutriSource Super Premium Pet Foods is a brand from Tuffy's Pet Foods

NutriSource Super Premium dog food is made by Tuffy Pet Foods, situated in Perham, Minnesota
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Thank you so much for your wonderful NutriSource Super Premium Pet foods, large breed puppy. My sweet Golden Retriever, Bella, is four months old and my vet says she is thriving!!
NutriSource - Super Premium Pet Foods · PureVita - Pure and Natural Holistic Pet ..
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NutriSource prides themselves in being a family-owned and operated pet food manufacturer, bringing high quality pet foods. NutriSource offers a wide range of Premium and Super Premium Pet Foods and formulas including Holistic, Grain-Free, Organic, and more – created using the finest ingredients. Nutrisource Super Premium Pet Foods - Rottweilers Online
Photo provided by FlickrThis month's park is brought to you by NutriSource Super Premium Pet Foods, makers of trusted and tasty food for your furry family members
Photo provided by FlickrLearn about the history of NutriSource super premium pet foods. Tuffy's Pet Foods started as Pine Lakes Feed in Minnesota in 1947. Learn more.
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The company avoids the use of GMO products as much as possible. It also aims to keep out corn and soy from its natural products to reduce the possibility of GMO content. NutriSource Super Premium Pet Foods follows AAFCO guidelines for its products.HISTORY OF TUFFY'S PET FOODS - PERHAM, MINNESOTA

Tuffy's Feed Company was founded in 1947 by Darrell "Tuffy" Nelson and at that time they focused on livestock feeds. In 1964 Tuffy's son, Kenny Nelson decided to develop a quality line of dog and cat foods, which was known as Tuffy's Pet Foods. In 1971 the company was sold to Star-Kist, later to Windy Hills, which merged with Doane Pet Care in 1998. In 2001 the son of the original founder, Kenny Nelson decided to purchase back the family plant, which one timed employed over 400 people, and his son Charlie Nelson, the grandson of the original founder is now Vice President of sales at Tuffy's, bringing this company full circle.

Tuffy's has over 40 years in the pet food manufacturing experience behind it and has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality products. This is due, in no small part, to a specially-trained work force and management team, along with high quality customer service that comes with a family-owned business.

Tuffy's developed and launched the NutriSource Super Premium Pet Foods in January of 2003, and their organic dry foods, Natural Planet Organic Dog Food, in the summer of 2007. Their holistic and natural line called Pure Vita, was launched in July of 2008.

One of the important things about a family run company is that everyone takes personal pride in their job, and we work to build relationships with our customers through our unparallel customer service. Nutrisource Super Premium Pet Food line was developed in January 2003 by Tuffy’s Pet Foods. Tuffy’s Pet Foods produces a variety of products, producing approximately 85,000 ton of pet foods per year. The flagship products are dry dog and cat food under the Tuffy’s Pet Foods label. Natural Planet Organic Dog Food was launched in the summer of 2007, followed by Natural Planet Organic Cat Food in January of 2008. Pure-Vita, pure and natural holistic dog food, was launched in July of 2008.NutriSource Brand Pet Foods Vision Statement: To create the highest quality super premium pet foods to be sold within a market strategy that emphasizes family ownership and operations.