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All purchasers of dogs from merchants (breeders, retail pet stores, and individuals who routinely sell dogs) are protected their states’ Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC is essentially a part of state law that governs all sales and business transactions. Not only does the UCC provide some uniformity and stability to this area of law, but it also describes the rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers. With the sale of companion animals, the UCC’s provisions concerning the sale of goods is at issue. Dogs, cats, and other companion animals are deemed “goods” under the UCC. This legal term, while not accurately reflecting the true value we place upon these creatures, gives buyers certain legal remedies.
Online pet purchase scam
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Petsmart also offers some great online conveniences for in-store pickups of items purchased on the website as well as bookings for their grooming salons. The easiest way to purchase or renew your pet's license is to use our online system
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Avoid buying online. The facts are prevalent about the dangers of buying pets online. Unless you can visit the breeding facility before the purchase and bring your puppy home personally, do not purchase a puppy from a website. When you have a puppy shipped from another area, you don’t know how that puppy has been treated, how healthy or young it is, or whether or not the puppy exists at all.Your pet must have had an examination within the past 12 months and have had any relevant blood work for a veterinarian to write you a script of any kind. Should you choose to purchase a medication that was recommended by one of our veterinarians we will provide you with one, however we strongly caution you against purchasing from online pharmacies. Some online pharmacies have been known to sell counterfeit or expired items potentially putting your pet’s life in danger. The manufacturers of many pet medications do not sell their product to anyone other than veterinarians. What does this mean? It means there is no guarantee that these medications are real, not expired, properly stored, properly made, safe, etc. It also means that should your pet contract a disease such as heartworm disease while using the product as labeled, the manufacturer will not pay for your pet’s treatment because they can’t guarantee what was sold from an internet pharmacy was actually their product. To avoid competition from online pharmacies many veterinary drug manufacturers offer special discounts only available through veterinarians that usually make the price comparable since online pharmacies cannot offer manufacturer specials. The bottom line is to be careful and do your homework should you decide to use an internet pharmacy. Demand the quality and safety you would from your veterinarian or local pharmacy. More resources on the risks surrounding online pharmacies can be found on the and the website.Bogus pet sellers operate in similar ways. Pet buyers should watch out for these “red flag” seller behaviors and avoid potential online scams. Ideally, purchase pets only from legitimate sellers with verifiable reputations, after you are able to see the animal first, check its papers, and view its health condition. Don’t forget that pet adoption from a local charity is also a great possibility!A growing trend among commercial puppy breeders is to cut out the middleman—pet stores—and use online retailing to get their puppies directly into your homes. These puppies, bred in facilities commonly known as puppy mills, are housed in cramped, filthy conditions without sufficient veterinary care, food, water or socialization. Purchasing a puppy online typically supports this cruel industry.