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Pet Owner's Guide to the ChinchillaNatalie Kirkiewicz & Gary Broomhead71 pages
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I have owned dogs,fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and much more, but ever since I saw a chinchilla my heart was ultimately captured. I am in 6th grade and both me and my parents have TONS of concerns about owning one as a pet. I ask you to please answer my questions.
Chinchillas: A Complete Pet Owner's Manualby Maike Roder-Thiede64 pages
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Hi, I’m planning to surprise my younger brother (age:12) with a Chinchilla for his birthday. He has owned other animals such as hamsters, a guinea pig, dogs, cats and is surprisingly very responsible over his pets. So I think he is able to handle a Chinchilla now but I’m still not sure about the necessary needs of one yet. Do we need some toys? A special type of bed? More than one? Special food? Just anything like that… I really don’t know much. Owning a pet chinchilla requires doing a bit of research to fully understand its lifestyle, as they are nocturnal, they live off...
Photo provided by FlickrWhile it may seem like chinchillas are just large mice to the average pet owner, those of you who own one know...
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Happy, funny, sad or just downright daft! Share those special stories and memories of your precious pet with our community – and make them “internet superstars.” Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, hedgehogs, rats, ferrets… All are welcome, as are pets past and present. Click to submit your story, and be sure to include your pet’s name and a photo.Chinchillas tend to be shy, despite having very soft fur, they do not like being stroked or petted. They rely heavily on schedules and set times, a perfect owner for a chinchilla is someone who does not vacation or travel far from home for extended periods of time. Chinchillas are not a pet like a dog or a cat that will cuddle up to you, also they are not good choice to parade in front of your friends. They will not make good pets for children, they need an adult who can understand their delicate nature and mostly hands-off interactions.Chinchillas have very keen senses of hearing and smell, so the presence of another animal could stress or frighten them. Although every owner wants to think of their pets as tame and friendly but it's easy to forget that cats and ferrets are natural hunters. For dogs, their size alone can be a threat to your chinchillas safety.Owning a pet means you are committing to taking care of the animal for its lifetime (which is another topic you should research before settling on a pet—if well taken care of, chinchillas can live 15-20 years). As with many substantial commitments, many people are taken aback by unforeseen expenses. In fact, millions of animals are abandoned every year and peoples’ inability to financially support them is a frequently cited reason. And while you cannot account for every possible expense, with due diligence, you can get an approximate outlook of how much it will cost.There are many factors that should influence the decision to get a new pet: What type of pet is right for you? Are you prepared to dedicate enough time to them? Can you provide a safe environment? And, if you are a responsible pet owner, you should most definitely be asking yourself, “Can I handle the financial obligations that will come with owning my new pet?” That’s why we’ve written this blog breaking down specific chinchilla costs.However, there is an experience I'd like to share, my chinchillas were bought from a local petstore. Petstores do not sell female chinchillas, or so my family was told. I own two chinchillas Gizmo, and Hercules. Gizmo is a female chinchilla, her personality is slightly different from Hercules. She is a bit more timid, more nervous, and has trouble adjusting to change and requires extra time. Hercules has always been a very inquisitive and curious chinchilla who doesn't seem to mind anything.