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In addition to the adoption discount, PFP will send you a generous gift card from a major pet retailer to help with pet food, supplies, toys and other basics, that is renewable annually as long as you demonstrate you still own your honorably adopted pet. More information on this partnership is available at
The Community Pets directory is a list of animals that are not under the care of the humane society,but available for adoption by their owners.
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OC Animal Care is the largest shelter on the west coast, with 382 dog runs and housing for over 300 cats. There are a variety of species to choose from when looking for a new pet. The shelter offers dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, small animals, and other exotic pets for adoption. On any given day, about 20% of the dogs and cats are available for immediate adoption. If you are looking to adopt, check out our page, sign up for Pet Match by Email or stop by the shelter and visit our available animals.

Interested in adopting another pet? Visit our  or  page to see more pets available for adoption in NH.
Photo provided by FlickrThese pets are available for adoption through private owners. Pets listed below are not on location at the MD SPCA.
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This is a current list of our wonderful pets that are available for adoption at the Quincy Humane Society. Click on the photos for more information on these pets! If you see an animal that you are interested in, please read through our Adoption FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the website.Have you addressed what type of pet personality you are looking for? Wait a second, did we just say personality, and not breed? Yes, that is right. Finding the ideal pet for yourself or family should start with an understanding of the ideal pet personality. Consider this, do you need a dog that is low key and good with kids, or are you looking for an energetic pal who is into trail running? Perhaps a cat that will get along well with others is what you need. The dog rescues and cat rescues that post hundreds of local pets near you are experts at matching you with a dog or cat who will love the life you can provide. This is why so many people are realizing focusing on dog adoption and cat adoption from a rescue is the ideal pet search process. Best of all, our website has a feature called "New Pet Alerts." Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will e-mail you when that perfect pet is available! So even if you've made the commitment to adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten, we will e-mail you immediately when we know of a local little furry fellow who is in need of a new home!Please feel free to take a minute to view the many wonderful dogs and cats that are currently available for adoption at our shelter and in foster care. Although our website is kept as up to date as possible, please be aware that there are some animals (including kittens and puppies) who never make it on to our web site because they get adopted so quickly. You never know who you might find (and fall in love with) at the shelter. If you are ready to adopt a new pet, Thank you for considering adopting from the lifesaving Providence Animal Center! We have over 120 healthy and friendly pets available at the Adoption Center every day just waiting to come home with you. Our Animal Care and Customer Care Associates are ready to help you find the pet of your dreams.Use the dog and cat scrollers below to see our available pets. Click on the photo or name for more info about that pet and the adoption status. We update the list at least once a week so that you know which pets are still looking for a home. And don't forget about our pets and our ! You can look for an animal to adopt in this section of our site. We list every animal we currently have available for adoption here and categorize it so that you can find the pet of your family's dreams. If you have any questions regarding any pet on this page, feel free to contact us using our contact page.