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This barrier features new, exclusive, innovative design that maintains seat movement and easy backseat access. The design allows for more visibility than most pet barriers, and this will help you keep clear sight of vision. This pet barrier works with flexible cords that wrap around your headrest hardware. It works with your car and seat as they are. The flexible cables feature adjustable and flexible connection points that allow seats to tilt forward, recline backward and slide all independently of each other. It is guaranteed to work with headrests in all types of vehicles.
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Pet barriers feature a strong, durable construction designed to stand the test of time and impact. Some pet barriers are black powder coated for added durability and long service life. We offer pet barriers that are easy to install and remove, requiring just a little of your time. Just a few minutes, and your Fido can be safely contained in a secure area, away from the driver and passengers. Hassle-free DIY installation requires no drilling, no modification to your vehicle, resulting in no unsightly holes, which is a big plus when it comes to the resale value. Midwest Home For Pets Vehicle Pet Barrier at PetSmart. Shop all dog car barriers online.
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We all love to take our pets when we travel, but we also know what a handful they can be. Our vehicle pet barriers help protect your vehicle, and keep you and your pet safe. They install easily with no tools and are made to fit your SUV or van. Our barriers are high quality and offer great benefits for the pet owner:Solvit makes vehicle pet barriers that are made of soft, mesh net material. (See .) These vehicle pet barriers are designed to be adjustable to fit any vehicle, no matter what style or model you drive. They are also easy to install with a pop-up design which is similar to pop-up tents. While Solvit does not make any recommendations for dog weight restrictions with their soft net vehicle pet barriers, we suggest you may want to consider one of the PetShield models of vehicle pet barriers if you have a very large dog. PetFrenzy carries vehicle pet barriers made by Solvit Products and by PetShield. Both of these companies have a long history of designing and manufacturing quality products for pets. Updated: May 16, 2015 Taking old "fido" for a ride in the car can be a troublesome experience. Some dogs don't like motion and get sick while others are constantly getting up and down while the vehicle is in motion. As a pet owner, you want your dog to be safe while accompanying you in the car, but what is the best solution? There are pet barriers, pet seat covers, even safety harnesses that you put on your dog. I know our dogs enjoy sticking their head out the window and getting that fresh air. Some dogs jump from back seat to front seat - this is not good. Really, the best thing is to get a pet barrier between the cargo area (if you have an SUV or station wagon). If you are driving a 4 door sedan your options are limited, although there are net pet barriers that go between the front seats and the rear. Many of the pet blankets for cars and barriers cost between $30 to $70. Your needs depend on your car type and how mobile your dog likes to be once in the car.