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The main problem with pet grooming tubs is that some of the best are expensive and big. A good reason to invest into the best dog bath tub is only if you're looking to groom your dog or dogs at home long-term. Same as , it's an expensive investment that will only pay off in a long term.
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hen you decide where to bathe your dog, a few locations might spring to mind. You may decide to use your own bathtub or shower, or you can choose to pick another, less mess-prone area. Dog baths are bathtubs that you can use to bathe your dog in, replacing your own tub and shower. Some pet owners aren’t too keen on combining their dog’s bath with their own, and that’s understandable. Top 5 Best Dog Baths & Pet Grooming Tubs for Home in 2017
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Thisportable pet tub from Flying Pig seems to be their own take on thepopular listed higher up this page. We've, of course, seen Flying Pig'shigh-end products before in the form of professional grooming tubs, andso we were happy to see them aiming an item towards the more domesticdog-bathers out there! The bath is available in both blue and whitecolors and is built to take small to medium-sized animals (up to 150pounds). The durable plastic tub sits upon a sturdy, but lightweight,leg assembly which can be leveled to cope with uneven floors. Like theaforementioned , it comes with a drain hose for easier emptying via asimple plug hole. The design also boasts three restrainingeyelets, built-in bottle holders and a paw print-patternednon-slip floor. The product is a simple one but we liked it when we sawit. It doesn't have the extras which the hasavailable for it such as a fan nozzle, but it is at a competitive pricefor a raised dog tub. Nothing works like simplicity and, despite thelack of extras, we are happy to award it four and a half stars! We’vecovered this possible option before with the Mustee Tub above. This isa general use product designed more with the family laundry in mindrather than family pets! Of course, certain things are different to afree-standing dog tub – the plumbing for one (but, apparently, this iseasy to install). In other areas, however, not only is this tubcompatible as small pet bath, but it can actually be more convenient ifyou have the available room with the appropriate water and drainagefacilities at hand. The nice feature included with many utility tubs isthe pull-out / hose faucet. In this tub’s case it’s completelynon-metallic and its head can be easily switched between stream andspray. This feature, as you might imagine, can make bathing the lowerextremities of a dog a lot less tricky! The thermoplastic tub itselfsits upon rust-proof metal legs with levelers. The overall height ofthe product isn’t that high, however, and so should be taken intoconsideration. The product comes with installation instructions andeverything you need to set it up yourself – some basic plumbingknow-how might be a good thing though! A highly rated item (as autility tub) and a possible option for small dog owners.The New Breed Dog Baths are perfect for pet groomers looking for durable yet attractive dog bath tubs. They’re ideal for self serve dog wash business, kennels as well as veterinary hospitals, clinics and even residential use. They’re great for grooming large dogs or small dogs.While Forever Stainless Steel® is focused on providing for pet care professionals, we also offer the products for builders, homeowners, architects and more through our other division, Bathtubs For Pets®.