Here’s the elevated pet bowl stand before it was painted.

Reclaimed rustic pallet furniture dog bowl stand pet by Kustomwood, $59.99
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This wooden freestanding 3 bowls pet bowl stand is fully assembled and ready to serve food, kibble and water in separate bowls for your pet cat or dog at meal times
Step 12: Turn stand over, insert bowls and fill with food and water for your pet!
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The pet bowls stand includes 3 dishwasher safe stainless steel bowls which can be removed from the pet bowl stand for cleaning and serving pet food, kibble and water The featured pet bowl stand is in the aqua on dark finish.
Photo provided by FlickrReclaimed rustic pallet furniture dog bowl stand pet - I know a big pup that could use this.
Photo provided by FlickrElevate the dining experience of a canine friend with our pet bowls stand.
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A friend of mine wanted a stand for her dog's food and water bowls (she owns a particularly messy dog) so I decided to make her one out of reclaimed pallet wood. Its a relatively simple project to build and turned out quite well (for both owner and pet!).REALLY nice! I love the colour you chose. I bought 2 pet food stands similar to what you have here, a few years ago at a fabulous price because they were damaged (chipped wood) and one was missing a bowl. I got them for $7 each – can you believe the regular price was $40 each?. I sanded them down and spray painted them a nice bright celery green colour and my 2 cats loved them. They are/were older cats (unfortunately one passed away a few months back at the age of 17) and eating at a higher level is better for them – especially as they get older. I never would have thought to make one from scratch – you are so creative. Great job!I bought her two little bowls for food and water and they used to sit at the base of a cabinet in the kitchen, but over time we all kept kicking them, spilling the contents, and it was driving me crazy. So I decided it was time to build a little stand for the food bowls in the hopes it would prevent future spillage, and also to add a little color and personality to the kitchen. This past weekend I designed and built this elevated pet bowl stand for our little feline for under $15.Hi all you pet lovers! I’m checking in with a cool project for the dog and cat parents out there. When I , it was quickly obvious that she was much larger than Handy Dog was. Not only did she not fit on his old dog bed, but his dog feeder was too small for Lena, too. She was having a hard time opening her mouth inside the smaller bowls to eat. I searched online for some beautiful industrial style raised dog bowl feeders. But, I was coming up short. The only one I found cost way more than I wanted to spend. And frankly, it wasn’t quite the style I was craving. What’s a handy girl to do? Make my own! And luckily for you, I’ve included the full DIY tutorial (sponsored by National Hardware) so you can build your own Industrial Dog Bowl Feeder Stand. You’re welcome ;-).now our stand is built specifically for our cat bowls, which are actually small dog bowls. if you have different sized bowls or different sized pets, you can easily just remeasure for your bowls. (and duh, you could make a two bowl version if you have a lone pet)After you glue and screw on the legs with the corner brackets, apply several coats of wood sealer. After the wood sealer dries, drop in the bowls, and your raised pet bowl stand is complete.