PetBuckle Kennel Restraint System for Vehicles

1st Place: $100 PetSmart Giftcard & a FREE PetBuckle Travel Safety Kit
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1. Grand Prize: $100 gift card to PetsMart plus one (1) PetBuckle restraint system 2. Second Prize: $50 gift card to PetsMart plus one (1) PetBuckle restraint system3. Third Prize: one (1) PetBuckle restraint system
*There are some extremely small and extremely large dogs that will not fit into PetBuckle products.
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With summer right around the corner wants to remind people to be safe driving buckle up the whole family pets included this Memorial Day holiday weekend. "You buckle yourself up when you get in a car. You buckle your kids. Why not buckle up your pets?
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The PetBuckle Travel Kit comes with a Kwik-Connect Tether, Seat Belt Adapter, PetBuckle Seat Belt Harness, and a convenient FREE storage bag that can fit in the glove box or under the seat.

Do you have a specific question we can answer regarding the PetBuckle product line or do you want to become a retail distributor?PetBuckle seat belt harnesses are the industry’s only automotive quality pet travel products,
designed to provide crash-tested safety. PetBuckle provides pet owners with the products
needed to drive with confidence, knowing their pets are securely restrained. They work just like a regular seatbelt. Now, youve got something that looks like this. These pieces here, this loop and the seatbelt buckles right here those should be resting on your dogs back behind his head. Heres your loop. You take your seatbelt from the vehicle and just slide it through the loop and then click it in the way you normally would to buckle in a passenger. Now your dog is safely restrained. If you want him to have a little more freedom of movement to lie down or walk around on the backseat you can get a PetBuckle Kwik-Connect pet tether. There are two sizes. One goes up to 18 inches long and thats part number PBF13560. The other one goes up to 30 inches long. Thats part number PBF13561. Both of those are sold separately. Theres a D-ring on the end of the loop here. You can attach a leash to that or use the Kwik-Connect tether and use that to take doggy for a pit stop whenever you go outside the car or when youre ready to go back home. This does come with a one-year limited warranty. Its easy to use. It will keep you and your dog safe for travel. Thats it for part number PBF18735 the PetBuckle vehicle restraint harness for dogs up to 20 pounds. .Today were reviewing part number PBF18735. This is the PetBuckle vehicle restraint harness. It fits dogs up to 20 pounds. This is a crash-tested harness that comes with a one-year warranty. You want a harness for your dog because you dont want him climbing into the front seat and distracting you and possibly causing an accident. You dont want him jumping up on your passenger. Buckles Feed Depot & Pet Supply is a small family owned business that has been around since 1977. In that 39 year span Buckles Feed has been transformed from a simple feed store to a full service feed & pet supply which includes pets and all the accessories. Customer demand has pushed most of the emphasis to premium foods that serve health related purposes. Our food selection is based on the idea that your pet should eat to improve their wellness as opposed to eating merely to exist. Buckles Feed Depot & Pet Supply will continue to evolve and with your support perhaps we can serve you for another 40 years.