Bunny Benefits: 10 Reasons a Rabbit Might Be the Pet for You

You can get ready for your new pet by reading, , which includes a list of initial bunny supplies.
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It’s funny how this 7 and 9 year old have really taken to being bunny owners. They both still love it, and even though the excitement has worn off for some of the other siblings, Elli and Hank are still the most attentive little owners! And even though Hank’s have both passed, he has been so anxious to get more….which says a lot about his interest in having pet bunnies!
Mr. Bunderos talks about responsible pet ownership from the bunnys' point of view.
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Begin by assessing your bunny's personality and behavior. If your bunny is fearful or startles easily, you run a greater risk that a predatory sequence could be initiated by the dog or . A with a calm, easygoing disposition and a low flight response will have the best chance of getting along with a cat or dog. A rabbit that has had prior positive experiences with dogs or cats during her first weeks of life is also more apt to see your new pet as a friend, rather than a foe. Spintman also said the pet bunnies are being attacked by the numerous wild rabbits in the area.
Photo provided by FlickrWanna pet dat bunny. Maybe cute bunny pictures will attract somefemale libertarians.
Photo provided by FlickrCongrats on Hub of the Day! My friend has a bunny so I immediately thought of her. They are quite adorable pets. Voted useful and shared. :)
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At My House Rabbit, we advocate that pet rabbits live inside your home as opposed to outside in a hutch. Not only will you ensure your bunny is protected from severe weather and predators, your bunny will become more of a member of your family when living inside with you because there tends to be more social interaction that way.Thinking about getting a pet rabbit for a child? A house rabbit may seem like the perfect pet for kids, but this is not always the case. Many children are too young to handle a rabbit appropriately. Bunnies may look cute and cuddly, but they do not behave in ways typified in children’s stories or cartoons. keep bunny (less hair is swallowed); provide exercise time/space--at least 30 hours a week; give a fresh handful of hay daily; add fresh vegetables gradually to the diet; give petroleum laxatives during a heavy molt or if synthetics have been swallowed.When considering adding a second bunny to your family, oftentimes you can set up a “speed dating” session at a rabbit shelter. Although it doesn’t always happen, your rabbit could actually experience love at first sight with another rabbit there, making the bonding process much easier. Even if the shelter doesn’t offer speed dating, the staff will know the personalities of their available rabbits and may suggest one that would make a good bonding candidate. This is an added as opposed to buying one from a breeder or pet store.Bringing a new pet rabbit into your life is an exciting event. You’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared so that you and your new bunny can get off to a great start. Learn the basics of rabbit ownership, and review our checklist of initial bunny supplies. Just like people, bunnies enjoy a good meal. A nice mix of hay, vegetables, pellets, as well as fresh water will make your rabbit healthy and happy. Read on for more information about what to feed your pet rabbit.