Mark the spot your precious pet is buried with pet burial markers.

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It's often difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and a pet stone can give you a way to remember them with love. If your pet loved to play outside or nose around in the yard, there are a great selection of pet memorial garden stones that let you mark a special place outdoors. These stones are made to be exposed to the rain and sun, so you won't need to worry that they'll fade or be damaged as soon as you put them outside. It's not uncommon to bury a pet in the garden or yard, so you may want to choose a pet headstone or grave marker to mark the burial spot. These pet memorial stones not only honor your pet, but they also help ensure that the gravesite won't be accidentally disturbed.
When a pet is ill or dies, we help - pet cremations, pet burials, memorial markers, advancing planning, etc.
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Headstones and memorials mark the site of a pet’s burial , and can provide comfort during a time of grieving and a physical remembrance of the wonderful times shared with a pet. Whether you purchased for yourself or as a gift, a pet marker can become a special way to acknowledge the life of a beloved pet, as well as the years shared and enjoyed together. Pet burial markers are a beautiful memorial for pet owners. Ideal for use in your backyard.
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Pet markers are similar to a flat burial marker. Pet markers are smaller and less expensive compared to human markers. Usually pet markers are rectangle in shape. Unique memorials like bone shape can be created by choosing special cut designs.Private Burial Services are for pets who are considered “Members of the Family.” This Special Attention Service includes a private ground burial, engraved burial marker and room to place future family pets. If you already have pets here at Pine Hill, with a Private Burial Service, your pet may be placed together with your previous beloved companions.Pet markers can be used to mark the burial lots in the cemetery or can be set at home in the yard, garden or somewhere indoors as a remembrance of the pet. One of the greatest advantages of utilizing a pet headstone is the number of personalization options that are available. This helps ensure that the memorial will not only look elegant, but properly pay tribute to the friend of a lifetime. There are a variety of marker designs to select from, which range from flat, flush markers to elegant, standing headstones. These markers can be utilized to honor the memory of any pet, regardless if they were buried or cremated. For those who wish to honor a pet that was buried, there are a variety of simple and intricate flat markers to select from. Some of these memorials come per-designed, and often include a beautiful image, or verse that commemorates the loss. Others, such as the standing memorials, can hold a portrait of the pet, which is etched in, along with their information and a personal message, directly into the stone. Some of the tributes even hold a set of remains, to both create a peaceful final resting place, as well as an unforgettable tribute.Private Burial is a special attention burial service that includes home pick-up, a private ground burial, an engraved burial marker and room to place future pets together with your horse or large animal.We extend to you and your family our deepest sympathy on the loss of your companion and offer an assortment of Pet Memorial Burial Products including pet caskets, pet memorial markers, pet urns, gifts, and keepsakes: