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To put a pet into a cage open your pet journal, right click on a pet and choose
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When it comes to small animal cages, many pet parents opt for small animal containment kits. These kits consist of guinea pig, hamster and small animal cages along with the supplies necessary for properly and comfortably housing a variety of pets. Some pet parents begin with one of these kits and then customize their hamster or guinea pig cages with their own accessories and toys. Browse the wide selection of cages and habitats available online at Petco and find the perfect home for your pet!
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The Pet Cage is an authorized Fromm Family Pet Food retailer. Fromm Family Foods is a family-owned and operated artisan pet food company in Wisconsin that produces their own food and treats in small, hands-on batches. Battle Pet Cage is an item added in  Update, it is used to train a pet to be used for pet battling.
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Does anyone know where you buy the pet cages to put your battle pets in? i have tried Dalaran, stormwind etc... cant find any. and all the vids show how you cage them.After a , it becomes your and a default pet cage appears in your . Unless it is a , the pet cage will look like this. The turtle has an that looks like this. Things are now different. When you right click on a battle pet and select "Put in Cage", it no longer creates a cage, but it will instead put an item in your bags that is the actual pet (it looks like the icon for it, such as a goldfish for "Fishy").My first guess is that when blizzard changed the caging option for caught battle pets to dropped pets only, the caged pets that were in your inventory at the time were changed to this item, seeing as selling caught pets wasn't an option anymore.I don't know whether it's a bugged item or not. What I want say is, if you see an item called Pet Cage, a cage without a pet's name (Snarly, Chuck, or Muckbreath, etc., for example), a cage may be in the category of Battle Pets or Miscellaneous - Companion Pets, do NOT buy it. NEVER EVER buy a pet cage which you do not know what pet is inside.Thank you for taking the time to contact us about the pet cages. I checked in to the pets but they have changed hands too many times. Each time they are moved between players or banks they copy their information but we can only see so many steps back. These have been moved so many times the original information has been lost. It's possible that a software fix will come down the road to fix the cages that this has happened to but one has not been announced yet.I had multiple lvl 25 battle pets stored...took in and out of my guild bank a few times....I also have multiple other pets. mostly rare and low lvls...I was putting a few pets in the bank when I noticed at least 3 of my rare lvl 25 pets were gone and in their place were "pet cages".they said they had sent pets in the mail. which did not happen BTW.... clue why, but I saw no mail, cages removed from bank, I looked in bank (all tabs) looked in my journal and no pets were replaced. never thought to look in my bags...