4 Sizes Soft Sided Pet Carrier House

SturdiBag Pet Carriers also come in these sizes: Small, Large, XL and XXL.
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The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel comes in four different sizes to fit medium and larger dogs. Whether you need a dog carrier for car travel, crate training or airline travel, this versatile hard-sided carrier is a great choice.
I’ve found  to work well with many carrier sizes. They’re available in Petite, Small, Medium and Large.
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Many carriers are not allowed on airplanes, because of the safety risk. This is an , and you can have your pet with you, right under your seat. This is an awesome feature, because you can have your ‘baby’ with you the whole flight.It also has a Sherpa mat, or bed, that provides ultimate comfort. It is attached with strong Velcro, and is machine washable, in case of an ‘accident’. The mesh that it is made with is very strong, and cannot be clawed or chewed through.Another unique feature is that there are added outside pockets that come in handy for toys, treats, documents, etc.
The door is zippered completely, allowing easier access to your pet.When not in use, it can be folded almost flat, so you can store it anywhere. It also comes in different sizes and colors, which a lot of carriers don’t do.It has a safety belt buckle for use in cars, which ensures a safe ride.The large range of colors makes this carrier a good choice, because many other pet carriers only offer one or two colors.The sizes range from small to large, and can hold animals as small as a Guinea pig, to as large as a medium-size dog.Black, Shamrock Green, Crimson Red, Juicy Hot Pink, Lavender Purple, Mineral Blue, Rose Wine, Sapphire Blue, and Sunshine Yellow. to Buy This FAA Airline Approved Pet Carrier From Amazon Now! We are preparing to travel with small pets. I'm curious about how strict SWA is with the carrier sizes.
Photo provided by FlickrSep 27, 2016 - This pet carrier is available in black only and in 3 sizes
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Pet carrier sizes are estimates only as we cannot guarantee the correct size of the carrier without the ability to “try it on”. The first consideration is the weight of your pet. Second, is the length of your pet from the base of the head to the base of the tail; this is from the base of where the collar rests to where the tail is attached. If the weight and length measurement are not in the same size category, or your dog is at the highest measurements, we recommend that you go with the larger size. Also, if your dog has a significant amount of hair and is close to the weight or length limit, we strongly recommend selecting the larger size. It is better to go a size larger rather than smaller, as the pet carrier can be modified by the use of a blanket or padding if it is too large.The following information (including whether dogs are allowed to fly in-cabin, maximum carrier sizes, and fees charged) has been collected from the airlines’ published pet policies, supplemented (in some cases) by telephone inquiries. It was last updated on February 18, 2016.Keep in mind that this info should not be confused with the various airlines’ stated maximum sizes for in-cabin pet carriers! Jet Blue, for example, officially requires that an in-cabin carrier be no more than 8Hx17Lx12W, even though (as you’ll see below) some of its seats could accommodate larger bags. Take a look at Dog Jaunt’s handy guides for the major and airlines.Pet car carriers are designed to be used when traveling by car. The car carriers for pets are also called car seats for pets. They are used for the safety of the pet and they come in various sizes, colors and designs. They are however not larger than the dimension of the seat as they must fit on it. The different car seats for pets can accommodate smaller or larger pets of up to 25 lbs. Most of the car carriers are intended for dogs or cat of 18 lbs. and 25 lbs. The great thing about these products is that they can also be used as pet beds when used in the house. Car seats are normally made of fleece and are filled with for comfort.