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With a little patience you too can make great pictures of your pet cat or kitten.
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Nikon's new Pet mode, available in select models, lets you capture the expressions of your pet cat or dog automatically. When the Pet scene mode is chosen, the camera automatically releases the shutter at the moment the pet's face is detected. Because the subject is tracked and the picture taken when it looks directly toward the camera, you won't miss the right moment to shoot.
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Photo provided by FlickrLearn how to take great pictures of your pet cat or kitten. Read Nikon tips on cat photography.
Photo provided by FlickrYour Pet Sitter Sends You Pictures Of Your Cats With Their Tails In The Air.
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Our list of cat types covers a wide array of breeds from common pet cats to the exotic cat. Each cat guide offers cat information on background and development, the breeds individual cat behaviors, and cat care. Pictures of cats are provided with each cat guide to help in choosing a pet or aid in cat breed identification.Our hilarious collection of funny cat pictures will help you keep your friends, family and colleagues entertained for hours on end. Get your daily dose of LOLCats from the team at Love That Pet.Browse a wide range of dog images and find high quality and professional pictures you can use for free. You can find photos of bulldogs, retrievers, beagles and of course puppies. Also have a look at our pictures of pets and cats.Who let the cats out……on social media? If you posted a nice picture of yourself, your new home and your cat snoozing on the couch, chances are your moggy will get the highest number of likes. A fifth of cat owners who create social media account for their furry companions admit to doing it because they feel their pet is more interesting than they are."One-Eyed Hammy is a feral cat who ended up at the Maguire Farm by mistake. A load of hay was being delivered. When the van doors opened, out jumped Hammy, who was apparently hitching a ride! He ran off as fast as he could. We thought we'd never see him again. However a few days later he was spotted on the barn roof. I took a picture of him and when I zoomed in on the picture, not only did I realize he had a cold, but he also only had one eye! His missing eye was completely gone out of the socket. One can only imagine how that happened. We also realized he could not hear. There was nothing we could do about the missing eye and the loss of hearing, but we could do something about the cold. We started wrapping antibiotics in Velveeta cheese and tossing them to him. To our delight, if we moved far enough away from him, he'd eat the cheese along with the pill. One-Eyed Hammy, as we now call him, would still not come near us. He stayed very far away. However, over time we were able to get closer and closer. We even touched him once. He no longer runs when he sees us. He sleeps in the barn with Little Lou, our best mouser cat. We still cannot get close enough to really pet him, but he does not run when he sees us and that's a huge leap. Maybe someday we'll be able to get close enough to give him some good old kitty love. Perhaps someday..."Also, it is best to know your pet's reaction to having their picture taken. I have two cats and one, Casey does not like having her picture taken and will run when I try. I have taken a lot of good pictures of her, but I have to use stealth and cunning. You will not see many pictures of her at eye level, as I kneel, she bolts. I use a lot of zoom to get the close ups I have gotten. Now, Whitey, is my model. I can do flip flops and hippity hop around her and get quite a lot of good photographs.