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- (The breeder we bought Newie from) This is the place to find beautiful, gentle chinchillas. My chins are healthy, from good lines and make great pets. If you so choose they may also be shown or bred because they come only from experienced, caring breeders to begin with. My site is small but I hope it gives you an idea about the kind of breeder I am and the animals I do so love. Chinchilla Place is dedicated to helping chinchilla owners and chinchilla hobby breeders with all things chinchilla. From choosing the right chinchilla cage, picking a male or female chinchilla, chinchilla product reviews the best chinchilla treats and introducing chinchillas we are here to give you great chinchilla information and help you with any questions about chinchillas you may have! (The breeder we bought Chewie from) Our names are Corey and Ryan, we invite you to browse our site to find the perfect chinchilla that will suit all your expectations. We are located in Central New Jersey (near New Brunswick) and we conduct our animal breeding right inside our home. We are members of Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association (MCBA)! We ensure that all animals on our site are suitable for any loving pet owner and are extremely happy and healthy. Our chinchillas are handled from birth giving them a great disposition towards their new owners.
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As a fellow pet owner I know that it can be tough to find information about chinchillas since they're not as popular as more traditional pets such as dogs, cats, and birds. My hope is that I've covered 90% of the information you need to raise your chinchilla so that it lives for a very long time. Pet Chinchilla Habitat, Information, Facts | Baby Chinchilla Info
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Are you thinking about owning a pet chinchilla? To find out if a chinchilla is the right pet for you requires doing a good amount of research in order to learn all of the necessary information. Only after this research can you make an informed decision about whether a chinchilla is the right pet for you. As with any pet, researchis the key. Before you decide to purchase a chinchilla, you should thoroughlyinvestigate the animal. I have a bit of information posted on thissite, but you'll need to research more before you decide on which pet topurchase and whether or not they are right for you. The Internet has avast selection of information available, you should start there. Signup on forums, join groups on Facebook (Let's Love Chinchillas, Ask a Breeder - Chinchillas are two great ones to start with) and ask owners and breeders about their experiences andopinions. Get involved with the chinchilla community. Don't believe whatyou hear from a pet store, and be careful about some of the information youfind in pet store books. Chinchillas are a long term commitment, just like having children. Their food, bedding,housing, toys, vet bills, and misc. expenses can become VERY expensive and it'sbest if you understand what you're getting into before you commit to somethingyou may not be able to handle. It’s best to learn as much about them as you can, otherwise you’re going to end up throwing away money before you know it and could end up making mistakes that can’t be reversed with your chin's health. I’m going to try to give you a quick run around of the background of chins, what to buy, what not to buy, and how to make your chins life the best it can be. They are a quiet, shy animal that rarely bites. They are fast, agile and love to climb and jump. As with any pet, they do occasionally get sick, and their illnesses are often severe. All pet chinchillas should be examined by a qualified veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase and at least annually thereafter. This "new pet" exam is critical to detect signs of disease and help new pet owners get off on the right foot. So many problems are caused by misinformation; the first veterinary visit can help prevent well-intentioned owners from doing the wrong thing and ultimately contributing to the pet's early death.In this episode of Chinchilla Info we go over what chinchilla dust baths are, and the benefits they can give to your chins.

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