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The pet’s regular collar threads through the ProCollar’s inner collar rings, holding it in place.
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“We started two-and-a-half years ago and have made multiple prototypes,” Yohai says. “The final design is the thinnest smart collar available for small size pets, which will prevent your dog from being sick, lost or injured.
So your pet tends to get lost? Listed below are some ideas for hilarious collar tags.
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There are two main factors with any training method: pet temperament and training consistency. Dogs who are stubborn and difficult to train usually learn better with static training aids. Dogs who are easy to train or timid might respond well to treat training, clicker training, or electronic collars with spray, vibration, or tone. A collar for your pet and a matching bracelet just for you, because best friends should match!
Photo provided by Flickr“The KYON collar empowers pet owners to take the best care of their pets as possible.”
Photo provided by FlickrClip onto your dog’s collar. Now your pet is ready to enjoy essential oils on the go and in style!
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accessible from anywhere an internet connection is available, using your mobile device or computer to instantly locate your four-legged family member on google maps. The Gibi browser-based app allows you to create safe zones. If your dog leaves your preset safe zone borders, you’ll receive alerts via email and/or text. Check your dog’s location with real-time updates, precise location information, and directions using Gibi’s one-click button. The Gibi pet locator is thoughtfully designed to securely attach to just about any collar, so you can keep using your favorite collar.Known for its comfortable characteristics, ZenCollar is a preferred choice for veterinarians and pet owners looking for alternative recovery collars. Protects Pets from reaching injuries, rashes or post surgery wounds.New for 2016, ZenCollar is stronger and ever before with our new fusion seam, adding surface area on the inner air bladder to maintain a powerful seal. That’s not all! We use super strong collar rings that fasten to your pets collar and ensure the ZenCollar stays on your pets neck at all times. Providing piece of mind for you and your pet!While wearing the ZenCollar, pets are able to eat, sleep and play at ease while staying protected. To prevent another animal from biting the patient's collar, simply rub with bitter apple or ammonia.The ZenCollar has an inflatable inner bladder made of a plastic vinyl that is inflated through a two-way air valve much like a beach ball. Once inflated, the size and thickness of the ZenCollar function as a soft deterrent. The inner bladder is protected by a pliable plastic outer jacket lined with a durable canvas material to resist bites and scratches. The ZenCollar is held in place by inserting the pet's everyday collar through the the ZenCollar's three inner rings. The velcro strap should be placed at the back of the neck and then adjusted for a perfect fit.The ZenCollar comes in 6 sizes. Measure the length of your pet's collar to find the right fit. If your pet is right between two sizes, it's best to pick the larger size.