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Dec 30, 2011 - This set includes two different sized pet cushions which work as pet beds
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We turned an old flea-market dresser into a combination bedside table and pet bed. To make it, we cut out the bottom two drawers and relined them with beadboard, then coated the entire piece in a fun color. A fluffy cushion in the bottom makes it a welcoming retreat.
Product - OxGord 2-in-1 Cat Pet Bed Tunnel Fleece Tube Indoor Cushion Mat Pyramid Pad For Dog Puppy Kitten Kitty Kennel Crate Cage Shack House.
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I got 2 - one small and the other medium. These are nice!!! Nice memory foam of a good thickness to allow my kitties to be comfortable, but not so thick they don't get swallowed up! Nice plush covering on the top side, nice very slightly tannish gray color so it'll go with a lot of colors of carriers, love the rubbery spots on the black fabric bottom to keep it in place on the floor of the carrier crate, and the edges are nicely finished with what seems to be quality black cotton bias tape. The split corners are fantastic!!! They allow the pad to fit better and easier in the crate. The only downside is that the sizes seems to be a bit odd - a good bit longer than wider - or a bit off from the carrier crate sizes for sale. But, the long sides of each easily bent upward along the back walls - the small wasn't too much longer than the small crate I'd gotten (small carrier from *** - don't recall brand), and being for the (smaller) less active cat, it stayed in place both to and from the vet's office very well, and she'd moved around a lot for her! The medium was both longer & wider than the crate I'd gotten for the (larger) much more active cat (bought the Petmate Sky Kennel in medium), and didn't stay in place as well - but then he was scratching at the pad and moving around a LOT inside the crate, so his extreme activity could have been the key that moved the pad around...? Anyway, this pad is a very solid 4.5 to 4.75 - it has everything we needed: plush top, nice thickness and cushioniness (is that a word?) of the padding, stay-in-place bottom, well-finished edges, and split corners for a good fit - AND it's machine washable!!! (I washed them before first use, and let them air dry overnight) Well, the looking was over, literally, when I spotted these pads!!! Definitely highly recommend. Enjoy! Pet Cushions | Original Digs
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Photo provided by FlickrProvide your pet the most luxurious slumber with one of our designer dog beds and / or doghouses
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Even though summer’s behind us (womp, womp), you can still have a little bit of tropical style in your home with this fun dog or cat tent that’s shaped like a pineapple ( would approve). It features a padded rug on the bottom that acts as a plush bed cushion, keeping your pet comfortable and happy. Let your pets kick back on a luxurious (faux) leather couch. The old-timey looking seat can comfortably fit two small to medium dogs. It comes pre-assembled and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Just like a human couch, it comes with wooden legs that keep it off the ground and accent brass nail heads on the back cushion. Let your small dog enjoy the view from the top with this luxe penthouse pet bed. Made from kiln-dried cedar, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The product features a balcony, latticework and side steps, however the cushions are not included. With inspirations from acclaimed artist all the way to Molly B., Crypton's official Chief Operating Dog, every Crypton pet solution innovation is a true labor of love. Made with our flagship Crypton fabric, not only do they look great, they are strong, built-to-last and unbelievably resistant to troublesome stains, moisture, and odors. They will stay clean and never smell because nothing gets into a Crypton cushion. They are made from the highest quality fabric so you can rest easy knowing your investment will last for years. Don’t you and your pets deserve the very best? We think so.Octagon tables were all the rage 40 years ago; today you can find them secondhand for next to nothing. We updated this one by removing the door and giving the whole piece a fresh coat of paint. Then we made it pet friendly by lining the inside with fabric and adding an inviting cushion. Your pets are like family, so why not offer them a comfortable place to sleep? Take a look at our dog crates and beds as well as cat furniture to keep your furry friends happy at home. The sophisticated wooden frames won’t compromise your stylish interior and can be lined with a cushion for additional comfort. If traveling, take your pets with you using a portable pet gazebo. They'll feel right at home no matter where you vacation.