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Sometimes the unthinkable happens! Your cat scurries out the door without you seeing or your dog chases after a squirrel and takes off into the woods. It’s hard to imagine losing your pet and endlessly searching for them. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why not create a pet ID tag to make sure your best friend makes it home safe and sound. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit your pet’s personality! Custom pet tags are not only stylish, but also practical!
Dog Tags, Pet Tags, Pet Id Tags, Dog Id Tags, Pet Name Tags, Cat Tags online
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Pet tags are a great accessory to make your pet look even cuter. Not only are they stylish but they are practical as well, helping to identify them if they happen to become lost. We offer a range of colors and shapes that are sure to compliment your pet’s personality perfectly. We have everything from dog bone shapes to simple, classic circle tags in varying colors that will allow your pet to look their best. Simply choose the perfect pet tag template and have their name and your contact information engraved for a fun, useful pet fashion accessory that will be adored for years to come. Unique pet ID tags are a great way to make your pet stand out! Dog Tags Online Military dog tags, pet ..
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Photo provided by FlickrOnline shopping a variety of best custom pet dog tags from professional custom pet dog tags wholesale distributors in bulk prices.
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PetTagsOnline provides custom dog name tags for pets to identify and protect your favorite dog and cat. You can use our advanced Pet Name Tag Generator to see exactly how your pet tag will look before you buy it. Feel free to give it a try!Preview your Pet ID Tags before ordering with our online Dog Tag generator. Choose your font and dog tag style, write your custom message, choose your chains, silencers, and gift packaging and then see what your finished dog tag set will look like when it’s printed. Be sure to proof-read your information carefully! PetTagsOnline offers heavy duty metal pet dog tags that are anodized on all surfaces (including the edges and attachment hole), for longer life. Our dog tags for dog and cat are 20% thicker and much stronger than those cheap imports, and every dog identification tag is shipped with an industrial grade split ring.

We offer not only personalized pet tags, but we also have medical ID tags, name tags, military dog tags, cat tags, luggage tags, bookmarks, etc. You can choose different kinds of metal materials from colored aluminum pet tags, stainless steel tags, gold plated, nickel plated tags, or elegant high-quality Rhodium plated tags. We are proud to announce that we sell Metaza Photo ID tags or personalized photo tags . A picture of your pet and/or the owner can be permanently imprinted beautifully on the tag. This will make a great gift idea for your friends and family. In Sept 2013, we have launched premium designer pet tags art (+ your own image), and QR ID tags (+ free profile pet online).Helping dog owners find the best dog ID tags for their pets is how we got our name! dogIDs was founded by passionate dog lovers whose only interest is to make high-quality products that will keep dogs safe if they should get lost. We love helping other pet owners who are just as enthusiastic and compassionate towards their animals as we are. Just like everything else, dog identification has gone digital, too! A is worn on a dog's collar, just like a metal tag, but can include much more information. This digital tag can store up to 40 lines of information, including names, numbers, medical info, and whatever else you would like to include about your dog. You can find Dog E-Tags at your local Petco or online.