Hale Pet Door - Simple Security Barrier

Use already made cedar trellis panels and hinges to create a DIY Indoor Pet Barrier.
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PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System), is a very unique technology offered only by High Tech Pet. Our MS-4 and MS-5 ultrasonic pet collars that operate the Power Pet door also operate our Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic pet fences. You can give your pet access to his personal automatic door while keeping him out of restricted areas such as couches, beds and furniture out of a bedroom away from trash cans and flower beds all with a single electronic pet collar. Our RX-10 universal Super Collar operates our High Tech Pet invisible electronic pet fence and electronic Radio Scram Mat. You can configure a complete electronic dog door, barrier, scram mat, and electronic fence system all controlled by a single pet collar. And, it's as simple as putting a collar on your pet. - Making your pets happier and making your life easier. Now that's High Tech for Pets!
Hale Pet Door - Flat Roof Security Barrier
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You can use a squirt bottle or a can full of pennies to scare your cat away from the door, but you have use it every time your cat is near the door. Pet proofing barriers and sprays are an easier way to keep your cat away automatically. Simply place the spray or barrier near the door and turn it on. With a , any pet who walks near the device will feel a short burst of spray. With a , your cat wears a special collar, and as your cat gets near the door, she will hear a warning beep. If she keeps going, she’ll feel a gentle, harmless static correction that reminds her to keep away from the door. It’s a safe, consistent way to teach your cat to stay away from the door. Hale Pet Door - Standard Security Barrier
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Photo provided by FlickrSimple Pet Door Security Barrier Installation - Hale Pet Door
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A security barrier is an attractive solution to human intrusion. Your dog can safely access the pet door, but a person will find it virtually impossible to get through the barrier. Barriers that look like a dog house can completely hide the pet door or the simple security barrier can be used with existing structures. (Simple barrier without cover pictured to right)This pet barrier is designed to keep dogs and cats from running out when the front, back, or any exterior door is opened - AND it's completely hands free!Simply by opening your door, the Bow Wow Barrier will instantly create a safety barrier across the opening. Then as you close the door, the Bow Wow Barrier will automatically rewind back into a small roll.On this site you will also find many other products that are unique and not available from any other pet product manufacturer. Our proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus system used on all High Tech Pet electric dog fences continuously increases corrective stimulus as your dog approaches an invisible boundary, letting your dog decide for himself how much stimulus is enough to cause him to retreat. Our amazing Power Pet doors are like no other pet doors on Earth. They are fully automatic, pet operated, motor driven and utilize our patented directional ultrasonic sensing circuitry and compact motor drive system. Our remote dog training collars use our unique STARTM (Stimulus Tone And Reward) training method with positive tones used as both command and reward providing the quickest, easiest and most humane training system available. Our PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless System) technology allows your pet to activate multiple devices, including automatic pet doors, indoor / outdoor electronic fences, sonic barriers and deterrent mats, all from a single pet collar. You can mix and match products to create your own custom electronic pet care system all operated by a single electronic collar.Keep your dog or cat off the couch, away from the kitchen table or out of an entire room with our new SOUND BARRIER, indoor electronic fence. The Sound Barrier is an electronic pet containment system for dogs AND cats that uses audible SOUND, not shock to keep your pet out of restricted areas. DIY Pet Barrier Simple, but no gate... Perfect idea! I've been trying to think of or find something that was prettier than a big piece of cardboard or the screen from a sliding door!In addition, The dog training collars that come with our model X-10 electronic dog fence system operate all our PAW products including the Power Pet Door, electronic fence, Radio mat scat pad, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fences. If you purchase a High Tech Pet X-10 electronic fence You can configure a custom electronic pet care system that will keep your dog contained in the yard, out of flower beds, off the couch and away from the trash can while giving him access to his personal Power Pet Door, all with a single collar. NOTHING COMPARES TO A GENUINE POWER PET