Installing the pet door into a wall

 You can also install a pet door in wood, stucco, or even brick walls with .
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The main drawback of a door-mounted door is that it lacks the flexibility offered by a wall-mounted unit. Door-mounted units are limited in their location to exterior doors. They also cannot accommodate many of the pet-friendly situations that wall mounts can. The final slight drawback is that a door-mounted cat door is slightly more expensive than a comparable wall mount – though installation costs for a wall mount can easily overwhelm that difference.
Follow the following steps to install a Solo Pet Door in your house wall:
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A. A wall installation pet door must always include a tunnel through the dog door wall. The primary purpose of this tunnel is to ensure that water cannot penetrate into the interior of the wall-- a leak into a wall if not quickly discovered and repaired would have very serious and expensive consequences. As a secondary issue, the tunnel provides the pet with stable footing. Installing a pet door in a wall raises a few interesting points:
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If you are looking for a wall installed doggie door with excellent insulation and energy efficiency, we recommend Endura wall mount dog doors made by our friends at Patio Pacific and available here at High Tech Pet at the best price anywhere. The Ideal Ruff Weather dog door with dual flap design are also a good wall install pet door option. These are well constructed pet doors that are safe, secure and well insulated and designed for through wall installation.MaxSeal pet Doors are designed to be the ultimate pet door. Superior sealing and insulating performance along with the ability to maintain the door's peak performance forever, make this the last pet do you will need to purchase.

The MaxSeal® Pet Door line of wall mounted pet doors are available in dual or single flap models. The dual flap door will give a perfect seal to the outside for customers in hot and cold environments. These doors insulate so well they will pay for themselves in energy savings.

We proudly offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all MaxSeal® Pet Doors.For the ultimate in convenience, security and energy efficiency, we recommend our amazing Power Pet wall mount electronic dog door. Power Pet doors are motorized and pet operated by a small pet worn electronic collar. Collars are rugged and waterproof for years of trouble free operation. Hailed in countless reviews Power Pet electronic dog and cat doors are simply the best pet doors on the planet. You will be delighted when you see how much you pet loves its Power Pet door and thrilled to be relieved of doggie doorman duty! Because of our crusade we have been designing and manufacturing the Plexidor Performance Pet Door line. Then Plexidor comes in sizes ranging from cat to Great Dane. They work in any kind of door or wall. All Plexidor have heavy durable aluminum frames that can be secured and locked. White and bronze frames are baked on for strength and durability. The door panels are made of insulated high impact acrylic to help your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. PlexiDor Wall Units can be installed into stud, brick, block or cement exterior walls up to 12 inches thick. Each wall unit includes an that connects the interior and exterior frame. The tunnel materials ensure a professional fit and finish that provides a quality appearance.PlexiDor pet doors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. The dog doors feature a unique saloon style design, and swing open so easily that larger and smaller pets can use the same door.The dog door panels are made from a shatter resistant, thermo-pane, hardened acrylic. Both panels on the dog door are lined around all four edges with snug fitting, high density, industrial nylon pile weather seal. The panels swing open easily and close tight, providing superior draft-control, and reducing air conditioning and heat loss.Whether you live in the hot desert climate of Arizona or in the frigid cold of Alaska, a PlexiDor dog door will save you money each month. Your pet will love the smooth, quiet, and safe doors. You will love seeing a lower energy bill.Wall model cat and dog door manufacturers have a wide range of materials that make up their pet doors. Below, I'll review which materials last longer, are easier and safer for your pet, and give superior results.