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The Pet Ego Universal Sport Bag Plus Waste Bag Dispenser Pet Carrier designed by Emanuele Bianchi, is a stylish, air line approved, go-anywhere travel bag equipped with a Bon Ton refill dispenser for quick cleanup. Ideal for small dogs, it's also great for cats and other small pets. The Pet Ego Universal Sport Bag Plus Waste Bag Dispenser Pet Carrier is made from waterproof, UV-protected heavy duty fabric. The dog bag and pet tube feature window pads for good air circulation. A safety leash is also included to prevent your small pet from falling or getting out unintentionally. The Pet Ego Universal Sport Bag Plus Waste Bag Dispenser Pet Carrier comes with 2 short belts to be used as handles, shoulder straps, or for backpack use, while the longer belts can be used to attach the bag to your car seat. Weight limit is 20 lbs.
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A bag that can attach right to your vehicle without the help of extra rods or straps always has safety in mind. Pet Ego clearly knows that pet owners want peace of mind when it comes to hooking their dogs or other pets onto a vehicle. So, these straps are strong for a reason. PetEgo DBM - PetEgo Dog Bag Pet Tent - FREE SHIPPING!
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. Foldable, portable and comfortably pooch-friendly, PetEgo's The Dog Bag shelter offers a strong pop-up frame that provides a relaxing retreat for small- to medium-sized dogs while on the road.The Dog Bag by PetEgo, also known as the Boby Bag Airline Pet Carrier is a fun and funky dog bag designed by top Italian designer Emanuele Bianchi. It features contrasting colors which mingles style with fun, a pet fashionista would be proud to be seen with this bag. We own this bag and have used ! . A stylish must-have accessory for small-dog owners, the PetEgo Boby Bag dog carrier is the safe and secure way to bring your furry buddy along for whatever the day has in store! The smart design includes removable steel frame, an internal leash and a comfortable shoulder strap.In September 2009, I wrote a quick post about a PetEgo carrier that I yearned for but didn’t actually need: , a backpack that holds a laptop and a small dog and a collapsible crate. And there it might have ended, but for reader Christie, who wrote to me and asked whether I thought it might work as an in-cabin carrier for their dog, traveling with them to Paris. As you’ll see in the comments, I said yes, if their dog is tiny (next thing I knew, Christie reported from Paris that the bag had worked beautifully for their 15 lb. dog — not a tiny dog at all!).This beautiful dog bag by PetEgo is available in two fun, modern fashionable color combinations; choose from either black and olive or cream and olive. It’s suitable for small dogs and the dimensions are 16 x 8 x 10 inches.The Pet Ego Contour Messenger Bag Pet Carrier designed by Emanuele Bianchi is designed for high style and comfort. The ultra thick padding, contoured spine, and shock absorbent shoulder strap create the ultimate comfort for you and your pet. It features an mesh "tower" that expands to provide more room inside for your pet and increased visibility. It has a large zippered opening to put your pet inside and a smaller opening in case your pet likes to stick his head out. The Pet Ego Contour Messenger Bag Pet Carrier also includes a convenient dog waste pick-up bag carrier. Weight limit:Small: 14-16 lbs. Large: 18-20 lbs.