Oct 30, 2012 - electric eels as pets

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Want something totally different for a pet in your home aquarium? How about an electric eel or an electric catfish? Otherwise known as electrogenic freshwater fish, these varieties can actually be kept safely in a home aquarium. Here are some interesting facts about them.
Keeping electric eels in captivity is difficult and mostly limited to zoos and aquaria, although a few hobbyists have kept them as pets.
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When Hawk and King were unjustly arrested, Eel was one of the villains to make their stay in prison very difficult. Without his bodysuit, Eel had light blue skin and dark blue hair. He was also able to sneak in a pet electric eel that willingly listens to him. He sent the eel from his sink to the sink in Hawk and King's cell. It attacked Hawk before escaping down the drain. After King and started a food fight, he and the other villains imprisoned because of the Alpha Teens attacked King and Hawk. Lioness, who came with Axel to breakout their team-mates, kicked a cup of water at Eel and his pet, electrocuting them both. Ursula Pet Electric EELs Flotsam and Jetsam shaw with wire and lights Made to Order ($50) - Ursula. Cool as ef
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The eel's myoelectric locating system facilitated by the Organ of Sachs is fascinating as well. It appears to have both passive and active modes whereby the fish can generate a weak electric field then detect disturbances in it (sort of like a RADAR set). It can also receive and track the weak electric fields generated by the nervous systems and muscle contractions of nearby animals. As this guy demonstrates feeding hapless goldfish to his pet electric eel (they're predators so they have to eat live food, PETA), the electric fields of the tank are connected into an amplifier and through speakers. You can hear the small taps from the Organ of Sachs followed by the massive electric discharges as the eel stuns its prey.The next week I took it to the pet store. She could not take living with electric eel after that. So I'm in the LFS on the guy tells me that this thing could kill a horse! My girlfriend just looks at me like at was trying to kill her! But the wierd part about it is that she went back to visit it every week till they sold it.....Electric eels are usually only to be around when they're in a zoo or an aquarium. Some people have been able to keep them as pets, but they're very difficult — and dangerous — to try to catch in the wild.There are some pets that you just don’t pet. But that didn’t stop Philip Stoddard, a zoologist at Florida International University in Miami, from petting his pet electric eel Sparky. “,” he told Science News for Students. That was a big mistake, writes Roberta Kwok, because Sparky zapped Stoddard and left him with an arm that hurt for the next hour. Many electric fishes make interesting pets. Themormyrids for example, which include the popular elephantnoses, havebrain size to body weight rations similar to humans. They seem todisplay a rich repertoire of play behaviour and will amuse themselvesfor hours with a bit of aluminum foil. While electric knifefishes andmormyrids are worthy aquarium inhabitants, it is best to avoid theelectric catfishes and eel, which are larger and capable of beingdangerously shocking.