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MYTH: It's better to have one litter before spaying a female pet.FACT: Every litter counts.
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MYTH: I want my children to experience the miracle of birth.
FACT: The miracle of birth is quickly overshadowed by the thousands of animals euthanized in animal shelters in communities all across the country. Teach children that all life is precious by spaying and neutering your pets.
Some of our favorite fun pet facts place a spotlight on our adored canines:
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In celebration of Pet Appreciation Week, Purina Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND and Dognition are asking “Did You Know” these fascinating facts about your dog? 2014 Pet Ownership Facts
Photo provided by FlickrFor other tips on training your new family member, check out these Pet Facts on dog behavior and training:
Photo provided by FlickrIn celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month coming up in February, here area few fun facts about your pet’s mouth!
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November is — a month dedicated to all furry buddies who have withstood the test of time with us. You’ll be surprised that senior pets have so much to offer. They’re the sweetest and most obedient of pets, and they have so much life left in them. can be one of the best decisions you can make. In fact, most pet parents say adopting senior pets is better than raising puppies and kitties. Do you agree? Here are 20 interesting facts about senior pets. So if home to you is where your pet is, or if you’re considering whether adopting an animal friend is right for you, here are a few interesting facts that you might not have known:As you research the safest pet travel options, here's a look at the facts about pet air travel and the pros and cons of the various methods of transit available.There’s a lot of strange pet trivia out there. (For example, did you know there’s a cat that has been mayor of a small Alaska town for the last 15 years?) This month in Pets+, we present you with 15 mind-bending pet facts. Some are true, some are false, and your challenge is to figure out which.Pets are amazing! If you own a pet, you know the joy and benefits they bring to your life. In this article and infographic we highlight some fun facts about these lovable animals that you may NOT have known!Dogs have been widely considered to be the best possible pet for some time (sorry, cats!), and while most everyone possesses some basic knowledge of the furry friends—what they like to do and eat, for example—there are still quite a few facts and points about canines that many are unfamiliar with.Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and are one of the most popular household pets in the Western world. After all, what’s not to love about our canine friends? They’re cuddly, fun-loving and have earned a reputation as man’s best friend over the centuries. However, there are still plenty of facts we don’t know about our pooches.Pets are an important part of the human experience for many of us. Sharing our lives with other species connects us with nature and provides companionship. Yet there are a host of myths that are pervasive in the pet scene, and some facts that even the most experienced pet owners may not be familiar with.