Adjustable Circular Boundaries Perfect for Small Yards

The wireless transmitter sends a circular signal around your yard
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At Flexpetz we strive to make your electric dog fence decision-making as easy as possible through information sharing as well as through our convenient product catalog. When it comes to choosing an in-ground dog fence, you'll make your selection based on things like the size of your dogs, the size of your property, and any special or unique features you need like lightening protection or battery back-up. If you haven't already, have a look at our to help you select the right DIY Dog Fence for you and your pet. Once you've selected a dog fence kit that meets your primary needs you can customize the fence further right on the product page by upgrading wire, or adding installation supplies, like wire and surge protection to your fence kit.
A dog fence kit comes with all fence materials needed for pet owners to build a basic dog enclosure. Protect dogs with poly or metal fence from EasyPetFence.
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WHY IS IT AT #2? My decision to put PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System as the second best invisible dog fence was because the wiring isn’t as long as that one on the first dog fence, and the correction levels aren’t as flexible, yet it is still a high quality, very effective underground dog fence for the price. Customers who tried it have certainly expressed that in many positive reviews and star ratings that they have provided for this fence for dogs. Pet Fences For Dogs‎
Photo provided by FlickrStubborn Dog In-Ground Fence by PetSafe® offers 4 high-intensity settings for dogs that are difficult to train.
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An underground dog fence can easily be customized to your specific needs; allowing your pet the freedom to run and play. Our goal is to create the safest, most comfortable products available for your dog. We continually seek to set the standard for reliable, owner-friendly pet containment, and are committed to customer satisfaction. With DogWatch, your dogs will stay safely in your yard and away from places you don’t want them to be. to learn more.The PetSafe PIF00-13651 allows consumers to adjust the perimeter to any shape they want. This offering from PetSafe does not interfere with neighboring wireless pet boundaries or other wireless signals, making this a popular choice, particularly for those in built-up areas or who live in proximity to others who use wireless dog fencing. It covers up to half an acre, allowing dogs to roam safely in a large area.
The Petsafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence covers a circular area of up to 210 feet in diameter, providing a large, safe space for dogs 5 lbs. and over. It offers five adjustable levels of shocks for correction purposes, or an audible beep only. The collar is rechargeable, so negates the need to buy batteries on a regular basis.
The first commercial underground fencing system to contain house pets within a predetermined area was patented by Richard Peck, owner of Invisible Fence Company in 1974. Peck’s underground fence was also the first borderless containment system used to contain livestock. In 1987 Peck successfully contained domestic goats to a limited area using receiving collars intended for household dogs. Invisible Fence, Inc. is currently owned by Radio Systems Corporation.
The Wi-Fi Wire Free Dog Fence has a huge, circular range of up to 2.5 acres in diameter, so is well suited to users with a large garden or outdoor area. It comes with 50 training flags and a collar that has Comfort Contact points, intended to fit comfortably against the dog's neck. This wireless dog fence has multiple shock levels to choose from, as well as an audible warning tone. The kit comes with a single collar, but an additional collar is available so that two dog households can safely manage their
On top of the Benner's Best Friend Fence for dogs being virtually invisible at a certain distance, it also is safe for your dog. Dogs can become caught in chain-link fencing or hurt if they try to chew it. Wood fencing deteriorates over time, and this may allow a piece to break off to create an opening through which your dog may escape the yard. In addition, your dog might try to eat the rotting wood, and this action may hurt its mouth or digestive tract. Benner's Gardens' fence for dogs contains a mesh that is fine enough that your dog will not be able to stick its nose through it. On top of this, the materials in the mesh do not decompose throughout the years. For this reason, you will not need to fret over the dog chewing on or eating the mesh.

Another feature of the Benner's fence for dogs is the fact that it prevents dogs, cats and other creatures from entering into your backyard. A benefit such as this provides additional security, especially when your house is in a rural area where wildlife is present. At the same time that you keep your dog safe, you will also safeguard your landscaping from an invasion of rabbits, deer, groundhogs or other wild creatures. Not only can you customize the size of your Benner's fence for dogs, but you also can add extra stabilization to the fence to ensure that it stays in place securely and that your pet will be unable to dig out under it. Benner's Gardens fence for dogs with all its numerous benefits is the ideal protective measure to install when you need to create a safe place for your dog to play in daily.