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We have two excellent sites for your pet food and supply needs. Choose your country:
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Pet Food & Supplies Donation Sites are located across the country and in Canada. Your pet food donations will be taken to a food bank, soup kitchen, homeless shelter or to the streets by the donation site. If you wish a tax receipt for items please ask the donation site to contact Pets of the Homeless headquarters with your name, address and items that were donated. A tax receipt will be mailed.
Pet Food & Supplies Donation Sites are located across the country and in Canada
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Pet food may seem like a trivial matter, but if your best friend is a pup or cat, you know choosing the right one is essential to their health and well being. Pet food forums and websites will help you choose pet food that does your pet’s body good and gives you peace of mind when making a purchase. Jun 9, 2017 - It also receives excellent ratings from independent pet food review sites
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Photo provided by FlickrValley Animal Partners is currently helping to fill the pet food need in the valley by providing pet food drop off sites
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Livingston Area Pet Pantry (LAPP) is program under the , a 501(c)3 organization. Based in Howell, Michigan and comprised of animal loving volunteers, LAPP is dedicated to helping provide pet food to families facing financial hardship. Our goal is to see that no dog or cat goes hungry or homeless because their owners cannot afford to keep them fed. LAPP collects pet food donations from our volunteer collection sites and delivers the pet food to . The food is available to pet families experiencing hardship.If you need more insight on pet food and how to choose the right one for your pet, opt for these pet food sites to give you the breakdown in terms you can understand.Finding the right food for your pet can be tough. Recalls and dangerous ingredients are revealed often, making it essential to take the time to read the label to find out what exactly is in your pet’s food. These websites and forums make it easy to decipher the ingredients found in pet food, so read on for tips and ideas to have your pet eating healthy.If your agency is interested please use with information and we will recruit donation sites to bring you donated pet food. We will list your organization under Pet Food Provider on the website. If you would like a decal (Get Pet Food Here) to display at your location please let us know.In my opinion, the BEST websites for reliable information regarding pet food are , & However, I’m not in 100% agreement with the food recommendations on this site. Websites offering reviews of commercial pet foods abound, from ones devoted to that purpose to general consumer review sites that sometimes rate pet food. While many of the sites follow some sort of objective criteria or standards, most, if not all, seem to lack scientific knowledge as the basis for their ratings—the science behind . Consumers have really embraced the subscription model when it comes to purchasing pet food online. It’s a product that is much more convenient to have delivered to your doorstep. Subscription sales at Chewy and Amazon have nearly tripled from 2015 to 2016. Of the two sites, subscription sales now account for 22% of total sales, up from 15% last year.Thus, many pet retailers are calling on manufacturers, particularly those of pet food, to establish or minimum retail price (MRP) policies, or to extend the policies they have to ecommerce sites. More and more pet food companies are doing so; just announced that it is with MAPP TRAP, a “sophisticated online price monitoring and enforcement software system.”