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It’s pretty hard to believe how little change there was in our pet’s food for so long. But since the introduction of Freshpet, more and more pet parents are heading to their local Freshpet fridge for your pet’s food, like your pup’s favorite , or your kitty’s favorite . No longer is shelf-stable kibble or canned wet food the only option for your pet. Today, your loved ones can eat fresh, all natural and refrigerated food, just like the rest of the family does.
In the Facebook post, Bryant is seen smiling in front of the table of pet food with two unknown males.
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Not only is Ace our cuddly house puppy, he’s a hunting dog as well. He makes us smile and laugh all day long with his funny personality. He keeps me company in the kitchen and inspects all of my photo shoots. He accompanies Mr. Table on quail and dove hunts (and keeps him safe from the snakes!) and truly is like our child. We’d been feeding him a brand of pet food that a friend was feeding to his hunting dogs, so we figured it was fine. Until his dogs got sick. Come to find out, a few batches of that pet food was contaminated with Salmonella that was making dogs ill. I was kind of shocked that pet food could even have salmonella, and wondered how I could make sure the next food I bought (which was immediately, needless to say) was safe for my pup to eat. Make sure you have pet food ready to go, so you can avoid begging (and one of the guests slipping Rover some food under the table).
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Despite slowing pet food sales in some large markets such as Japan, global pet food imports set a record in fiscal year (FY) 2012. Growing demand for high-value dog and cat food also resulted in a record value for U.S. pet food exports. Pet populations continue to grow around the world and particularly in developing countries. Global retail pet food sales are expected to reach another record in 2013 as the trend away from table scraps continues in developing markets while consumers in more advanced markets shift to specialty and health-centered pet foods. While Canada and Japan account for two-thirds of U.S. pet food exports, the outlook is bright in emerging markets such as Russia and the Philippines.With growing pet populations, pet food demand is increasing as owners replace table scraps with processed pet food. Many pet owners already feeding prepared pet food are upgrading to highend foods. Increasingly, in developed markets people are attributing human eating habits to their pets, leading to fancier and higher-calorie pet meals. At the same time, pet obesity is spurring an increase in weight-loss meals. Sales of natural and organic pet foods are on the rise.The international market for pet food (which for purposes of this report refers to dog and cat food, HS code 230910) is on the rise. Global imports in fiscal year (FY) 2012 reached a record $4.5 billion, which is more than double the level a decade ago. Much of the increase in the value of trade has been price driven, due to higher ingredient costs and greater demand for high-end specialty and health-centered product, but volumes have also grown since 2002. This increase in trade follows booming global demand for pet food, much of which is met by domestic production in the top consuming countries. Growing pet populations combined with prepared dog and cat food replacing table scraps, are driving rising consumption. Subscribe Now:

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