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To Fortify pet gear, you’ll need to go to Pet Tamer Totto at 212, 45 in Sunstream City.
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As the owner of RYKO Pet Gear, Chantel has spent the past two and a half years working to design and develop a product line that improves the way we get around with our dogs. “After years of running with my dogs and trying to manage the leash lines, my phone, water, their gear… I just realized there had to be a better way to do this. I want to enjoy my run as much as they do. Let’s go figure out some solutions that address this problem.”
The new Pet Gear Gear Medium Booster is the most convenient way to travel with your small pet.
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"Purina Pet Gear products support the Purina brand's mission to enhance the lives of pets and the people who love them," says Rebecca Smith, Purina Marketing Director. "The products are designed from a pet's perspective to stimulate, relax, comfort and clean." Add your pet gear and the Fortifying item to the window and click Done. There’s a chance that your pet gear will be improved to +1 or +2.
Photo provided by FlickrPresto! Improved stats for pets of that Star. Remember, though, that your pets of different Stars can’t use this gear at all anymore.
Photo provided by FlickrThe new Pet Gear The Other Door Deluxe Steel Crate is the most convenient way to travel with your pet.
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Is your pet barely scratching the mobs you fight? Do you turn down any invitation to pet duel? The solution, my friend, is Slap a +2 on your pet gear, and you’ve got the makings of the mightiest companion this world has ever seen.You know your pet has different moods and needs a variety of toys to keep him busy - and happy, of course. New Purina Pet Gear to the rescue! We like to think of Purina Pet Gear as "pet accessories with a purpose." Designed to help stimulate and engage your pet, Purina Pet Gear also helps make sure your pet feels like part of your family. Even the packaging speaks from a pet's perspective, letting you know that these products are as tuned-in to your pet as you are.The main way to upgrade your Pet Gear is by Fortifying it – think of it as micro-Refining. You can Fortify pet gear to become +1 or +2, with stat boosts at each stage.Purina Pet Gear also offers your dog and a variety of and dog shampoo. It's all about what's best for pets! Visit to see a sample of the selection. Some of the accessories will come in handy if you and your pet want to have fun with petcentric's or .You’ll need two things for Fortifying: the gear itself, and either a Jadefog Stone (to make your gear +1) or a Bluemoon Stone (to go from +1 to +2). You can get these through setting your pets to forage – in the Pet window, change the Combat or Rest button to one of the six Foraging statuses.Pet Gear includes a range of weapons, armor, wrist guards, and trinkets that each provides a unique advantage for your pet. Pet Gear can be collected from completing a quest, event, or Treasure Map, as well as collected from a Pet Gear Pack purchased in the Shop. They require coins to enhance and can only be enhanced to match the level of your hero.