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If you're like the average cat lover, you spend at least 30 hours a year on litter box chores, from touching, breathing, buying, carrying (in and out) and dealing with that unhealthy litter mess. Two heavy 28 lb buckets of regular cat litter lasts 4 months for one cat, at a cost of $30.00. One SaniSolution Cartridge lasts 3 to 4 months for one cat at a cost of only $22.50. The CatGenie is more environmentally friendly, healthier and more cost effective than the competition.
Do you own a dog? Does it pee and poop? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need a Pet Genie. Need more reasons?
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PetNovations, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of PETNOVATIONS, LTD. the creator and manufacturer of the revolutionary CatGenie. We are headquartered in Norristown, Pennsylvania just a few miles from Valley Forge, site of another Revolution. PetNovations is responsible for sales and marketing, and customer service for the CatGenie in North America. A trip to Pet Genie in Satellite Beach is fun for the entire family, checking out cool pet knick knacks while picking up what you need.
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Pet Genie Refills contain a seven-layer bag with barrier technology to help lock away odor and germs. Need more convincing? Pet Genie refills are 4,000 times more effective at blocking air than single layer trash bags. * ** The 7 layers in the Pet Genie refill work together to help contain odors & messes in the pail.At Pet Genie, you won't have to worry about forgetting where you parked. There are plenty of parking spaces nearby for you to choose from. You'll love the comfort afforded to your pets when you buy new bedding and other accessories from Pet Genie in Satellite Beach.Much of that depends on the size and frequency of the, ahem, output! It also depends on the type of waste product you’re using. For instance, a training pad will take up more room than a waste bag. Rest assured, no matter what you use, the Pet Genie will help lock away odors and germs and help keep your home smelling fresh.PetNovations products are based on patented, technological breakthroughs that have been extensively tested before being brought to market. CatGenie is the culmination of years of research and development. It utilizes several technologies to achieve a unique solution to your cat care needs. Our service to you is as critical as the performance of our products. We provide complete after sales support for cat issues, product service, and efficient ordering of the supplies you need to keep your CatGenie operating properly.The Litter Genie promises to make things a lot less smelly in your home. This can be a tall order, especially for those that own multiple cats and find themselves cleaning out the litter box multiple times per day. If litter box odor is one of your pet peeves you’ll definitely want to check this out to see if it’s a possible solution, and an instant upgrade to your quality of life.Very nice!! Just bought a Litter Genie that had a Try it free mail in rebate for 23 bucks (Petsmart).. Came with one refill. Should be able to make this last, great idea!!!