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Because goldfish are not difficult to breed in captivity, it is unusual to find pet goldfish offered for sale today that have been caught and imported from the wild. Indeed, the natural form of the goldfish is rather different to captive bred goldfish, being smaller and less colorful.
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This store had the prettiest goldfish I have seen in a pet shop in this area! I was in love! She had a blue oranda that was very nice and a wonderful looking pearlscale. I talked with the shop owner and she told me that they usually have MORE goldfish in stock but that they are moving soon and didn't want to reorder any right now and have to move the fish. She wanted to save them the stress. They are moving to the shopping center that is next door to where they are currently located, right behind Chil-Fil-A. Because of the move she had LOTS of stuff on sale. Plants were 1/2 off! She had koi, saltwater fish, and other tropical fish as well. In addition to supplies for other small pets. I would recommend this store. I can't wait until she gets in the new buliding and has more goldfish to choose from.. Kimma Goldfish Food for Sale Online | PetSolutions
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This is an excellent store with knowledgable sales people who are always willing to help. Two things in particular that convinced me they know a lot about goldfish: 1) I looked and looked and looked, and there were no goldfish bowls in the store. This actually is the only fish store I've been in that didn't have them (maybe they have them and I missed them, but at least they aren't pushing them). 2) When I first got goldfish and had two in a 5 gallon tank, I went there looking for help and they clued me in on the 10G rule. Despite being a small store with two large pet stores and a new fish store in the nearby area, they somehow manage to almost always have a significantly lower price than the competition on supplies.hi everyone!! i have a few questions i bet ya'll can answer better then any of the people at petsmart who say they know tons about fish yet wait till the last minute to tell you the fish you are about to buy will not get along with the goldfish you have been talking about buying friends for for the past half an hour waiting for your 5 year old to pick the fish lol anyway.. i was going to buy a tank but my father inlaw got one from a yardsale said the lady cleaned it and they also cleaned it so all i did was wash it and all the things out and off again just as a precaution.(and yes i boiled them also) got a beta didnt know it needed a heater it died we got another one and a heater it died shortly after needless to say 3 betas and 5 or 6 goldfish later plus replacing rocks and all the stuff in the tank i am still having a dying fish problem can anyone help and yes we have replaced everything but the tank that is my last option ive even tried the special fish water and they still die on us ive moved it in sun out of sun the filter is actually for a little bigger of a tank then the size of the tank its a 5 gallon and the filter is for a 10 gallon just looking for a little advice on if i should do what my gut is telling me and just buy a brand new tank so i know where its been and all thanks guys and gals have a wonderful day!!