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I have two Wheaten Terriers and do my own grooming. They are used to being groomed frequently, but are spooked easily by loud noises. I have been looking for a long time for a powerful pet dryer that does the job without the sound of a jet engine. This dryer fits the bill! It is not overly loud, but is very powerful and able to dry my dogs coats in half the time it took using a human dryer. The air is cool to warm and the two speeds are handy especially when drying their heads. My only comment is as others have said about the stiffness of the hose. After a few times using the dryer though, I have learned to manage that slight problem. I am very happy I made this purchase and would recommend it to others who are grooming their own dogs or maybe have a small grooming shop.
I groom pets I need a blow dryer so I'm very interested in trying this particular brand and model
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These dryers give groomers flexibility. Many come in variable speeds, and you have the ability to use large-ended nozzles or just remove the nozzle altogether for scared dogs and cats, and still get the pet dry to the skin. I groom pets I need a blow dryer so I'm very interested in trying this particular brand and model
Photo provided by Flickr3 HP, 150 CFM, 12 Amps, Variable Speed Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat
Photo provided by Flickr4 HP, 150 CFM, 15 Amps, Professional Dog Grooming Force Air Pet Dryer with Heat Brushless...
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Welcome to part two of our handy PetEdge guide to selecting the right grooming dryer. In , we discussed some common grooming dryer terminology, including FPM, CPM and horsepower.
There is no perfect dog dryer, each has its very own upsides and downsides. The one type of dog drying system that comes close to doing everything professional pet groomers need is a variable-speed forced-air high-velocity dog dryer. We definitely avoid recommending human-style dryers as they are not adapted and suitable for dogs’ skin and sensitivity.The is made by a pet-grooming leading manufacturer, Oster, and offers a sturdy dryer with a heating element that you can turn off (perfect!) and an ideal design to use on your grooming table or as a cage dryer. For added safety, there is a special overload switch preventing it from overheating.Before doing your research into equipment, it’s important to be informed about how dog dryers work. Bathing is one of the most popular services offered by a dog groomer, and clients expect that their pet will look his absolute best once he leaves the salon. In order to ensure that dogs leave your salon with a straight coat (which is very important, as achieving any kind of style will be difficult without it) hair drying is an essential part of the process, ! Dog Dryer | Dog Hair Dryer | Dog Grooming Dryer | B-Air Bear Power Pet Dryer.

We hope you like our Dog Dryer Review. For more info about the B-Air Bear Power Pet Dryer, please visit Busy salons that need to dry several dogs at once use dryers that provide hundreds of cubic feet of airflow. This lets them dry a few dogs in one area, while they go groom another client. Many dryers warm the air around them by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as the air directly in front of them, creating a comfortable environment for damp dogs to sit in. Most dogs don't understand commands like, "Turn around" or "Lift your leg," so rather than hoping for flexible pets, groomers look for dryers with long, bendable hoses.