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Belmont Pet Shop is your go-to, local full service pet supply, dog food, pet grooming, small animal boarding and puppy training provider. Our professional groomers, trainers and staff have years of experience to help you with all of your pet’s needs. We have been proudly serving customers in Belmont, MA for more than 60 years, and we’re happy to continue to serve people in the area.
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Dog owners know that canine pets require a significant amount of personal care to keep them looking, smelling and feeling their best. This can often seem like an overwhelming task, and looking through any collection of pet grooming products is sometimes more daunting than the actual grooming itself. That's where we come in!

Pet Mountain's Dog Grooming store has every item you'll need to give your pet the proper salon treatment it deserves. With the industry's most trusted brands like Fresh n' Clean, JW Pet, Bio-Groom, Vet's Best, Sentry and Four Paws supplying the products, you can trust that your pet will come out of the bathroom looking better than ever.

Shampoo and conditioners get your dog's coat shining with a luster and softness you never thought possible. Skin care solutions relieve itching and dry skin, restoring your dog's comfort. Brushes and shedding tools grab loose hairs and remove mats and tangles. Nail trimmers and clippers make this necessary job easy, protecting your floors (and legs) from nasty scratches. And don't forget to pick up some grooming wipes to put the finishing touch on the process!

Pet Mountain carries thousands of quality pet products at low, low prices. Feel free to browse through any of our specialized stores to find the exact item you need!

Pet Mountain products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry. At Pet Mountain, we buy in bulk and develop programs with our network of suppliers that focus on giving you more for your money. Like you, we care about our pets. Its all about giving our dogs, cats, birds and other pets a good life!

At Pet Mountain we know that your pet is one of the most important things in your life. How? Because ours are too! Your pet deserves to have the very best the industry has to offer, and we are committed to making sure you have it at crazy low prices. Providing you with the very best supplies for your dog, cat, reptile, bird or small critter is our privilege. Keeping a pet should be fun - let us help you keep it that way! Pet Connection is your local full service pet supplies and grooming store
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If you’re looking for an all-in-one pet store in Belmont, MA, Belmont Pet Shop is the place to visit. We offer all of the most popular pet services including grooming, training and boarding, as well as a full line of pet products and pet supplies for your animals. We have an excellent selection of dog and cat food, leashes, collars, dog beds, cat toys and much, much more. Our full range of animal grooming services include bathing, grooming, hair trimming, nail trimming, gland expression, ear cleaning and just about anything else your pet could need. Going away on vacation? We also provide small animal boarding for reptiles, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, rabbits, gerbils and other small pets in your absence.We have great customer service, quality pet food and supplies. We offer: Expert Pet Grooming, Pet Adoptions. Our store features Super Premium All Natural & Holistic brands of pet foods, as well as fresh, frozen and raw pet diets.We have been proudly providing pet supplies in Belmont, MA since 1948 and in that time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience and resident support, resulting in a number of prestigious awards. We have been selected as the number one pet shop and pet supply store regionally for the last four years running, and number one in Belmont, MA for the last 16 years in a row. With these accomplishments, it’s clear that we are much more than a simple seller of dog beds in Belmont, MA. Take a look at a few of the other reasons why people in the area choose us to take care of their pet grooming, training, boarding and supply needs:Quality Pet Store, Elegant Pet Shop, Great Pet Supplies, Premier Pet Supply Store, Quality Pet Groomer, Top Pet Grooming, Best Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming, Luxurious Pet Spa, Pet Boutique For Dogs & Cats, Organic & Natural Dog Food, Natural Pet Food Store, Natural Dog Food, Natural & Organic Pet Food, Dog Treats, Dog Collars, Pet Supplies, Pet Leashes, Feeding Dishes & Bowls, Dog Beds.