Petco Halloween Octopus cat costume, $10, at

Petco Halloween Purrfect Pumpkin cat costume, $12, at
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A: People have strong opinions on everything pet-related, so it’s not surprising that they are sharply divided when it comes to pets wearing clothes or costumes. We happen to fall into the “it can be fun” category (that’s our own QT in the photo!). After all, our dogs and cats usually love doing things that involve being with us and being the center of our attention. That said, we have some tips to help make dressing up for Halloween a treat, not a trick, for your pet.
Petco Halloween Sombrero cat costume, $10, at
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The countdown to Halloween in NYC is on! And while you’re shopping for your own ingenious at one of the city’s many , don't forget about one for your favorite four-legged friend. If you’re planning to dress up your cat or dog this year, the best are chock-full of adorable costumes ranging from bacon to dinosaur outfits. We’ve compiled the top looks for your furry companion, but brace yourself—our slideshow of the best pet Halloween costumes is bursting with serious cuteness.

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Photo provided by FlickrHandmade Halloween Pet Jester Costume
Photo provided by FlickrCheck out our collection of 13 pet Halloween costumes that are just wrong:
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Most animals are good sports, even though it seems evident that many feel demoralized while wearing Halloween costumes. Vote up which of these unfortunately dressed pets is worthy of the most laughs. Keep in mind that no animals were harmed in any of these photos... unless you count the crushing of their souls.Why not make Halloween a fun tradition you share with your pets? Take your dog trick or treating with you or let them answer the door and help give out candy in their costumes. We all know how excitable dogs can get! Come to The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel to pick up Halloween-themed pet treats and browse our wide selection of pet costumes! Not only does it make Halloween extra special for your pet, imagine how cute all the pictures will look of your dog or cat in a ladybug costume.If you had any doubt that Americans love to pamper their pets, we can put that to rest now. Every Halloween, we spend about . So if you want to dress up your favorite four-legged friend this Halloween, you won’t be alone. Get into the spirit with these 15 ridiculously cute costumes ideas.Some outgoing, confident pets happily and effortlessly wear Halloween costumes. They seem to love the attention they garner from it. Other pets who are more apprehensive and unsure do their best to communicate that they want no part of donning any clothing.Don’t forget that everyone is invited to our Halloween costume party! Bring your pet in their costume and receive one free Halloween treat!Your pet can rise from the dead and terrorize the town in this zombie Halloween costume from The costume includes a gauze shirt, a guts belt, and a brain cap with an elastic band to hold it in place.Halloween is October 31. Here are 30 cute and clever costumes for dogs and cats, featuring store- and home-made pet apparel for the scariest night of the year:Pet costumes have been gaining popularity in recent years, with 16 percent of Americans saying they’ll dress up their dogs, cats and bunnies for Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. The most popular costumes for pets were gender-neutral pumpkins, hot dogs and bumblebees.