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PC pet insurance is available in all provinces and territories in Canada.
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2007 – The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) was founded to establish and maintain universal and professional standards for terminology, best practices, quality and ethics in the pet health insurance industry.
Canadian-founded Trupanion offers pet insurance throughout Canada and the US.
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PetSmart offers voluntary pet insurance (for cats and dogs) through Petsecure. You can choose one of four plans to receive discounted pet medical insurance, and you can visit any licensed veterinarian in Canada. With PC pet insurance for over 5 years. My lab was diagnosed with cancer. She went through 6 mo of treatments
Photo provided by FlickrBenefits can vary from plan to plan and from one insurance provider to another. Some pet insurance plans may include special coverage such as:
Photo provided by FlickrIn April, Pethealth Inc. (“Pethealth”) aquires Pets Plus Us from Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“RSA”).
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All pet insurance is not the same. Some insurance plans cover accidents to your pet, but not illnesses. Some plans cover treatment for cancer, some don't. It can be confusing, so you will need to do some research (that's why we created this website.) With pet insurance, if your pet gets sick or has an accident, you can go to any licensed veterinarian in the United States and Canada for treatment. Knowing that your pet's medical expenses are covered brings tremendous peace of mind, making pet insurance invaluable to the traveling pet owner.A low price is no bargain if your insurance company denies your pet's claim. Cheaper policies tend to provide less coverage. Will the cheapest pet policy cover your dog's cancer treatment? Probably not.When choosing a pet insurance provider, it is always best to research each company’s specific coverage, including its limits, exclusions, waiting periods, and stipulations. Certain carriers may impose a limit on benefit reimbursements, which can either be yearly, or within the full length of the insured pet’s lifespan. Coverage may also vary based on the pet’s age and breed. In Canada, pet insurance assists in the coverage of pet-related medical costs. Regardless of the policy, insurance plans should include coverage over accidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests, hospitalization, emergency care, prescriptions, and surgery. Many plans also offer general wellness coverage for routine care as an additional option, for procedures such as checkups and vaccinations. Whether your pet needs a couple stiches put into an injured paw or if they’re facing a serious life threatening condition like cancer, you want a plan that has broad coverage & has few exclusions. After all, pet insurance is for the unexpected, and while some breeds are pre-disposed for specific health problems, the only thing you can really expect as a pet parent is that the unexpected will happen. Try and take out an insurance plan for your pet as soon as you can. As they age, there is an ever-increasing risk of chronic illness or a genetic disease manifesting itself. If these should occur before the the policy’s start date, they’d be excluded from coverage. That said, however, any condition documented following the policy's start date, should be covered under the plan’s terms.When looking at pet insurance, find a comprehensive plan that will protect you from the unexpected. We don’t suggest wellness or preventative care because these expenses can be budgeted for annually, but pick the plan that is best for you and your furry friend.