The MoPet Pet Locator is so much more then the traditional pet tags

Smart Bluetooth Tracer GPS Locator Tag Alarm Car Bag Key Pet Dog Tracker - Black
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Few worse feelings exist than that hollow jolt of fear when you realize your dog is nowhere to be found. According to a recent survey conducted by the , about 15 percent of pet owners or in the past five years. Of the 93 percent of lost dogs that were found, only 6 percent were found at shelters. About 15 percent were found because of identification tags or microchips, and 49 percent were found by searching the neighborhood. New technologies are helping more owners with that search by leading them directly to their lost pet. Locator collars used to be expensive and were used only by hunters, but now a variety of locator collars are aimed at pet owners. They can be divided into radio and GPS types, each with their own advantages.
Smart Bluetooth Tracer GPS Locator Tag Alarm Car Bag Key Pet Dog Tracker - White
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We recommend you get a “” Tag.
With a Pet Locator Smart--Tag you can list several different contact phone numbers in case your pet is lost. The ones you purchase at stores have only one number and cost more.
A tag works 24/7/365 days a week.
You don't need special readers to identify your pet like you would have with a Micro-Chip. Retrieval of your pet is quicker. If you ever move you don't need to purchase another Pet Locator tag.
Pet tags you purchase at the store or on line have your personal ID visibly imprinted on the tag. This is not recommended by law enforcement agencies. The advanced tags work with all versions of the Marco Polo hand-held locators, as well as in systems using a mix of Advanced, Classic and RC Tracking Tags. Use them to monitor, track and locate your pet even in extreme conditions. Purchase an additional collar tag for each pet you wish to add to your Marco Polo locator system. The Marco Polo locator will protect up to three pets.You can designate a monitor zone and when your pet leaves that zone the Locator will alarm you. The zones are determined by the signal strength. For example you could set Monitoring for Near, Med, Far, or Max so that when the Tag signal drops below 60%, 40%, 20%, or ‘No signal’ respectively the Locator will let you know.Dr. Emily Weiss, ASPCA's animal behaviorist advised owners that the best chance they have to locate lost dogs is when pets are wearing identification tags or dog GPS collars, or are microchipped.FinderTAG uses Bluetooth 4.0 to constantly broadcast a signal that compatible smartphones can scan for. When a smartphone with our app scans a FinderTAG it will check its serial number to see if it's missing or not. If it is the GPS coordinates are saved to our server. The owner is then immediatly notified via a push notification to their phone and an email. They can then see their items location on a map. It can also beep on command to help you find your keys. It is a car keys finder, gps for dogs' collars (gps alternative, lost pet recovery), stolen car recovery system (much cheaper than Lojack!), and the button unit doubles as a remote control for your phones camera.Tractive's smartphone-based dog GPS collar/tracker is a great option to start, but may not be best GPS dog tracker for some pet owners looking to keep a close eye on location of their dogs, mostly considering price for value and their competition – Tagg. It will depend on what features you really need and how much are you willing to pay in subscription fees. You can see more about this device in our written and video .