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Petmate Traveler Underseat Carrier.
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Use the Petmate Navigator Pet Kennel to keep your furry friend safe and secure. This Petmate kennel features and easy-to-assemble design that fits together in just seconds – no tools needed! The well-ventilated design, two-way opening door and carrying handle make this a great pet accessory for traveling or placement in your home. The Navigator also features a "Grow With Me" divider that lets you custom-size the living space for your growing puppy. Use IATA and USDA-approved Petmate dog kennels and cat carriers for all your pet's housing and travel needs. Pet carriers and crates can be a real hassle to put together, with additional hardware the tool requirements that take away time you could be enjoying with your pet. That's why the Petmate Navigator Pet Kennel is specially designed to be assembled easily. The Petmate kennel top slides onto the bottom, rear latches engage, and the two-way opening door fits into the front. No tools necessary! The two-way opening door is a great feature for Petmate dog kennels because it gives you the flexibility to place the crate in any space and still be able to open it easily from either the left or right side. The Petmate Navigator Pet Kennel features a well-ventilated design that provides your pet with plenty of air as well as visibility. The solid Petmate kennel construction makes it a durable addition to your pet essentials. The "Grow With Me" divider (available for small to large sizes) is the perfect accessory for Petmate dog kennels. You can control how much usable space your puppy has to easily crate train your growing pet without having to get a new kennel for your adult dog.
Petmate Traveler Underseat Carrier
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The new Petmate 2-Door Kennel is ideal for travel and housetraining, providing easy and versatile access, safety and ventilation. Steel wire and plastic construction combine to create a sturdy carrier that pet parents will find convenient and attractive. The securely-latched steel front and top doors help with easy in-and-out access. Fashion-forward pet parents will love the modern design and new pearlescent and metallic colors. Available in two sizes that accommodate pets ranging from 5 to 20 pounds. Petmate See & Fly Carrier 21841 | softsided carriers
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The Petmate 2-Door Kennel is ideal for small pet transport as well as housetraining puppies and toy breeds. Featuring an attractive, contemporary design and sturdy steel wire and plastic construction, the 2-Door Kennel is as attractive as it is versatile. Standard door on front of carrier is complemented by the larger roof-door, making it easier to transport difficult and anxious pets and is especially useful for cats. Carrier measures 19.4 x 12.8 x 10-inches. Suitable for pets up to 10-Lbs. Color may vary.Petmate See & Pop Top has a zip-out pop-up top with plastic coated safety mesh so the pet can stand and see out when needed. The dual access points on top and on the side of each carrier provide ease of entry for the pet. Plastic coated mesh on top and all four sides adds safety, comfort and extra ventilation as well as visibility. Additional features include an interior tether for pet safety and a side slip pocket for easy access to pet essentials. Adjustable double tote straps make for easy carrying while out and about!Make airline travel with your small pets simple and comfortable with the Petmate Traveler Underseat Carrier. Oversized, top loading wire door allowing for easy loading and unloading, as well as easy visibility of your pet. The compact design enables the traveler to fit under most airplane seats. Meets most airline requirements in cabin flights. Pet parents should always confirm the airline travel requirements for each trip. Available in one size and color. Made in the USA.Door On Top, Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel offers easy access for your pet. Your furry friend will enjoy superior ventilation and visibility. This kennel is a great tool for crate training and housetraining. Features also include secure wing-nut and bolt design, steel front door with secure latch, and comfort carry handle. Constructed of sturdy yet stylish heavy-duty plastic, the steel wire and plastic combine for strength, safety, and visibility. Petmate kennels are eco-friendly. Made in the USA.