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The listed drugs provide a wide spectrum of anti-worm effect. You can find these pet meds at best price on the Internet. There are many Canada pet meds available online these days. So, if you live in Canada and you need some reliable antiparasitic drugs, you may order pet meds online.
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I would give them zero stars if I could. What a horrible company. I placed an order online for a prescription medication. The next day I received a confirmation stating that they were waiting for our vet to fax the prescription to them. So far so good. Get a call back from the vet the same day confirming they have faxed the prescription. Two days go by: no further feedback from PetMeds. So I log into the website to check the order status. It is shown as CANCELLED. WTF? I call the 800 number. Agent is unable to even locate the order number, cannot see it in the account order history. How's that possible? Puts me on hold for several minutes. "Oh, we found the order. The product is out of stock. You shouldn't have been able to order it in the first place. And sometimes "we" can't see what happens at the pharmacy after orders are sent to them." Where to buy pet meds online from Canada? Is it safe? : AskVet - Reddit
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The best up-to-date insecticides for dogs and cats are meds, based on Selamectin active substance. If your pet suffers from fleas or mites and the vet prescribed some insecticides, like for example Revolution (generic names: Selamectin – in the USA; Purevet – in Australia; Stronghold – in the UK), you can buy it online with no prescription much cheaper.Canada Drugs Direct Canada Drugs Direct provides its customers with only the best quality pet meds online that include both prescription and over-the-counter medications at low prices. Our top selling product lines include Heartgard, Program, Frontline Plus, and Frontline.Today, you may find different pet meds at veterinarian pharmacies. However, if you are a Canadian resident and veterinarian physician prescribed your pet some expensive medications, you can visit Canada online pharmacy. You can buy in Canada pet meds at a low price online with no prescription. Welcome to Medi-Vet! Our love for animal health and wellness prompted us to start an online pet meds and supplies store where we can help you provide the best care for your pets. We carry a huge assortment of discount pet supplies and medications including all the name-brands products. Choose from brands such as Comfortis, Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Metacam, Heartgard, Interceptor, Sentinel, Frontline Top Spot, Advantage and K9 Advantix for your pets. We are also a licensed drug distributor and can fill prescriptions for veterinarians, pharmacies and drug companies. Whether you are looking for veterinary recommended supplements or special medications for an illness, you know you can find it here at Medi-Vet. I go online 3 days later to check status of order to find out one product was shipped and the other product was on hold and said I had to contact the vet. DON’T YOU THINK AN EMAIL OR SOMETHING TELLING TO CONTACT THE VET WOULD BE NICE??? Anyway, I cancelled that product and will spend the extra money and buy it from the local vet. I always leave reviews pointing out positives, positives/negatives, and negatives, I can count on one hand how many of my reviews have been totally negative with nothing positive to say but this is one of those times. I researched all online pet sites and only felt comfortable ordering from 1-800-PetMeds. Well, if this the best that is being offered they can keep it. For those reading this I would recommend buying local ESPECIALLY if you’re ordering meds that might mean the well-being of your loved one. Sorry to ramble on, but some of these shouldn't even be in business as far as I'm concerned.Quite a few online pharmacies dispense pet meds, and they’ll often even offer free shipping, but buyer beware — the medicine may not arrive as it was advertised. The FDA, in fact, is extremely worried about the “dangerous practice” of pharmacies making fraudulent claims and selling unapproved or expired drugs. The agency cites particular worry over NSAIDs and , which can be dangerous or life-threatening without proper medical guidance.