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The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier | Mesh Car Barrier for Dogs - 2 sizes fits most vehicles
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32" W X 32" H, Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier keeps your dog from inviting him or herself into the front seat, thus reducing driver distraction. Micro-mesh ...
The Krunco Pet Net Barrier can keep your pets at the back seat and make your driving safe.
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Products 1 - 40 of 875 ... Pet Safety Net Car Suv Truck Van Seat Mesh Dog Barrier Safety Travel Black 54X42 ... Product - Travel Hound Front Seat Net Pet Barrier. The pet net car barrier created to fit almost any vehicle including cars, vans, SUV's, and trucks.
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When reading Reviews, a Note from The Pet Net, LLC to keep in mind: We do not claim The Pet Net is a one size fits all product, because success with The Pet Net depends to some degree on the temperament of your dog, which would be true for any barrier or restraint product. Some dogs that I affectionately refer to as "motivated" will see any barrier as a challenge instead of the deterrent it is intended to be. That being said, The Pet Net Plus was specifically developed to address a few limitations of the Original model, and we hope either The Original Pet Net or The New Pet Net Plus will suit the needs (and budget!) of nearly every pet owner.I just finished a 2 day, 19 hour car ride with my 2 dogs in the back seat with The New Pet Net Plus. My Jack Russell is a handful and she tried to get up front a couple times, but she couldn't get through and eventually gave up. Good news - it works great for our Cadillac SRX. We added a couple extra bungees, but wouldn't have needed them for our larger dog. Easy to set up and awesomely easy to store in its own small carry bag! Perfect for anyone who needs to secure their pets occasionally, but doesn't want a permanent barrier installed.Finally someone has invented the perfect dog barrier EVER! I recently purchased a Subaru Crosstrek and didn't want to put my old metal barrier up as it damaged the roof and seat backs of my previous vehicle. Not to mention it constantly rattled and was a total pain to put up and take down. It took me no time at all to put together the Pet Net Plus (NEW MODEL). To be honest, I didn't even need to read the directions. The inaugural car ride with my two dogs was a compete success. Kept them both from trying to ride shotgun and most importantly, gave me peace of mind in case I had to hit the breaks suddenly. I love the fact that it's mesh. Much safer than those metal barriers. And the best part is that it took seconds to take down. It easily breaks down and comes with a nice little carrying bag. AWESOME PRODUCT!We recently purchased TWO of the New Pet Net Plus model - one for our Yukon XL and one for our Pontiac G8. We recently rescued a 2 yr. old GREAT Dane. She loves riding in our vehicles and wanted to be in the front seats (with us). We wanted to find a cost-effective, innovative, easy to install/de-install barrier between the rear seat(s) and the front seat. During our research, we discovered "Pet Net" and their products - "spot on" - just what we were looking for. Fortunately, they recently released the new model (The Pet Net PLUS) with a rigid tubular frame. The shipment was RAPID and the install proved to be "as described" - easy and straightforward. Now, my wife and I have a level of comfort knowing Marlo is well contained in the rear of our vehicles and Marlo appears to really like it - giving her easy visibility to the front of our vehicles. I have had several message exchanges with the Pet Net founder/inventor. They have been SUPER - extremely Customer-Service oriented and pet well-being focused. BOTTOM LINE - - "we" HIGHLY recommend the Pet Net Plus.