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Orthopedic dog beds help give older & arthritic pets the joint support they need
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An orthopedic bed can be useful for pets at any age. But you should start seeking an orthopedic bed for small and medium size dogs when they are between 5 and 10 years old, depending on their weight - the heavier the dog, the more likely he will need a more supportive bed - and physical disabilities. Most large to extra large dogs should sleep on orthopedic beds all their lives.

Made from body-contouring memory foam or slabs of egg-crate orthopedic foam, these beds give pets soothing, comfy napping spots
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Even some of the overly giant breeds like a Great Dane fit fine with plenty of room to spare. It is considered to be one of the large orthopedic dog beds. It comes in two colors including slate grey and brown. Your typical dog bed will a lot of times become an eyesore in your but the PetFusion Dog really blends in beautifully with the rest of your furniture. Find orthopedic beds for dogs and cats from top brands at 1800PetMeds
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Did you know that they make dog beds out of orthopedic memory foam now? You can purchase one of these useful, modern beds and give your aging dog a break from their daily aches and pains, or even just to provide the absolute best comfort for your beloved canine companion. As with any purchase for your animals, you’ll want to find exactly the perfect one to keep your pet happy. Before we dive right into reviews of six of the best dog beds available, let’s take a look at exactly why you might desire an orthopedic pet bed for your animal.Part of knowing which orthopedic dog bed best suits your pet involves knowing from which manufacturer to buy. Like with every consumer product, buying a dog bed from a reputable brand partially serves as a guarantee that you are paying for maximum quality, durability, comfort and support. And while buying from a less known manufacturer may save you some money, it’s better to dig deeper into your pocket for something that will serve your pooch for years to come. Below are reviews of the top manufacturers of orthopedic dog beds.But if you’re looking to make your own educated purchase using the information we’ve given you so far, we’re about to review for you six of the best orthopedic pet beds on the market, so read on and you’re sure to find something that will meet both you and your dog’s exacting standards.Fusion has grown to become a globally recognized brand that offers orthopedic dog beds that are made of superior quality materials for the benefit of pets that struggle with joint/back pain, arthritis or are old to ensure that they are well rested each day.Fortunately, we’ve done all the research for you and narrowed it down to the six premium beds being sold so you can decide on the right Orthopedic Dog Bed for the best value. Below is a table with the most important product features of the best rated orthopedic dog beds that you should consider when purchasing for your pet:With the Go Pet Club Bed the risk of water damage to the memory foam is completely eliminated. Externally, the luxurious suede cover zips on and off for easy cleaning, and is completely machine wash safe. Most normal pet beds have to be washed as a whole and are nearly impossible to get clean. The covers are also non-allergenic so if your pet is prone to any foreign substances this bed keeps them away. We highly recommend the Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed to all pet owners!