Grey Fleece / White Microfiber Interior Liner Blanket

This Ombre Swirl Pillow and Brim Cover is specifically designed for use with U-Design Pod Pet Beds
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The (pronounced pie pod) is one of the sleekest modern pet beds I’ve seen. The smooth egg shape is molded out of high density polyethylene (HDPE), the same non-toxic plastic used to make baby products (although the pEi Pod should definitley not be used with babies). You can choose ivory, pink, or mint and the cushion is available in pink or yellow polka dots. The pEi Pod comes in small and medium, but it looks like just the small size is currently available. Small is the perfect size for cats.
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So I was looking at investing in one of your hepper pods for my kittens and after reading the blog you posted here, I was wondering if it was possible to remove the layers in order to wash them, such as the microfiber interior pad? or even the top or base of the pod?you also suggested rotating the interior pads, do the pods have options for replacing / purchasing a secondary of the microfiber insides, since they are custom for the pods?
The other trick I have found to using keeping the pet bed clean for a quick clean is febreeze and a lint roller. There wasn’t many rules or ideas on the cleaning or upkeep of the pod beds. If you wouldn’t mind giving me more details on how to keep my pets pod bed in pristine conditions, I would appreciate it! Thank you! Our PLAY & STAY Pet Pod; These handmade rustic pet beds are constructed of reclaimed barn, pallet wood and new wood
Photo provided by FlickrJan 4, 2011 - pet beds pei pod - The egg-shaped pEi Pod is a cozy pet bed that's chic enough for even the most discerning doggie
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~~ Our PLAY & STAY Pet Pod; These handmade rustic pet beds are constructed of reclaimed barn, pallet wood and new wood. They are built to last, well framed, sanded and stained with many options available to fit your four legged friends needs.Manufacturer arrived at MGA Research to witness a tandem test of two new Sleepypod Mobile Pet Beds, one with the PPRS Handilock and one without. Center for Pet Safety’s team conducted the test using two CPS 15 lb. simulants. Both Sleepypod Mobile Pet Beds successfully met Center for Pet Safety’s criteria for a successful product performance. The simulants were fully contained and the carriers remained wholly connected to the test bench for the duration of the test.Pet beds are usually are quite simple and definitely aren’t great interior decorations. Although Pod by Hepper is the bed that is perfect addition to modern interiors. It’s suitable as for cats as for small dogs and has very elegant look. The Pod bed is elevated above the ground and offers security of a mountaintop cave. That is great especially for cats as they love to be up high. Interior pad is made of sherpa fleece and microfiber that is reversible and washable for maximum coziness. The frame is made of steel so it’s durable enough. This modern cat and small dogs bed is available in 4 very chic colors so you’ll be able to chose the matching bed for your interior. In case you you liked Pod’s design you should check out these too. MAKE YOUR CAT HAPPY – BUY YOUR CAT A POD BED NOW!
HIGH QUALITY & STURDY: The Pod bed is molded from flexible foam covered with high quality fabric, and includes a reversible, washable liner made with soft sherpa fleece and microfiber. Built on a durable steel frame with a powdercoated finish as the base, our Pod bed is designed to stay stable while your cat gets the perfect nap.
STYLISH AND MODERN: Pet beds don’t have to be ugly! Our beautiful and attractive modern design makes this cat bed aesthetically pleasing in your home. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match every room of your house.
COMFORTABLE AND SOFT: Like the security of a mountaintop cave this is your pets’ personal sanctuary. The Pod bed is made with a soft-touch construction and includes a comfortable sherpa fleece liner. We designed it to sit off the floor for maximum airflow so your cats and dogs are always comfortable.
EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning your pod bed is simple. It can easily be vacuumed or spot cleaned with a damp towel. The removeable liner is also reversible and can be machine washed.
SHIPS FOR FREE: The Hepper Pod cat bed ships to 50 states for FREE and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. What are you waiting for? – Add this modern pet bed to your cart today!