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“We commonly perform dental examinations on pigs because of inappetence (loss of appetite), failure to gain weight, or suspected dental disease, but Bacon was our first pig to be presented for a dental cleaning,” she said.
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In survey after survey, the vast majority of pet owners say they treat their dogs and cats like family. And how could you leave any beloved member of the family out of the holiday festivities? According to a , 63% of dog owners and 58% of people with cats give their pets Christmas presents. Four in 10 dog owners, meanwhile, and 37% of cat owners hang stockings for their pets, and overall, Americans reportedly spend some $5 billion annually on holiday gifts for pets—a significant portion of the in the U.S. Happy 1st birthday Autumn & Blossom celebrating with a Pet Present Birthday Hamper.
Photo provided by FlickrThere are some pet presents that contain hidden dangers for curious pets. This includes:
Photo provided by FlickrDo you get your pet a present for the holidays?
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With three of our pets having birthdays this past spring, I started thinking about the topic of pet gifts. Initially, the gifts that celebrated milestones were what came to my mind. To jog my memory of what other gifts Andy and I have given our pets, I began looking at past journals and browsing through our many years’ worth of photos. Suddenly I had a long list. To make the resulting list more manageable, I began to make associations. Some gifts were practical, others helped enrich our pets’ lives, and many were just fun presents. In this article, I’ll share with you my trip down memory lane.Also, discourage parents from giving pups and kittens to their children as gifts. While children can help with some age-appropriate responsibilities, pets require adult caretakers. Remember, even bright youngsters typically don't have the strength, attention span, self-discipline and physical strength to care for a dog...or even a cat. Older children typically wind up redirecting their attention to friends, school, social activities and eventually dating and planning for college. Unlike with other holiday presents, owners cannot just pop in a fresh battery or put the pet away in the closet after the novelty wears off. In nearly all cases, one of the parents becomes the primary caretaker, doing the feeding, walks, litter scooping and all of the other chores the children once promised to do themselves. Many pet owners are similar. One-third of all respondents said that they get their pet a present on every holiday and birthday. 78% claimed they only do it on occasion.These presents are wonderful ways to introduce the joys of pet ownership and will help the family or individual decide on the right dog to bring home. It's a decision that everyone in the household should make together - when they decide they are truly ready for a new lifetime companion and family member. This will benefit everyone - the gift giver, the family and the deserving animal.Surprising your son, daughter, friend, or relative with a pet as a present may seem thoughtful, but it typically doesn’t end well for the cat, dog or other critter. Thousands of them are surrendered to animal shelters by March, some as soon as the first of the New Year simply because families or new owners weren’t prepared for the care and responsibility.* The activities in the household might present safety hazards and increased opportunities for the pup to get in trouble or hurt. Especially when the household is not used to having a pet around and underfoot, it can be hard to keep ornaments, decorations, tinsel, wrapping, string, scissors, candles, potentially poisonous holiday plants and other dangerous items out of animals' reach.